Saturday, April 30, 2011


I have no life.

I have been playing Pokemon for 4 hours straight. I forgot that it was so damn addictive!!!! I almost forgot to blog. Almost.

But luckily I have no urge to actually WATCH the damn series or movies.


Oh My Gawd, I'm wasting so much time!!! And I have 2 assignments due next week!!!!

At the very least, I actually did part of 1 assignment earlier...... but my obsessions keep me from actually completing it!!!

My desktop at this moment

I fucking kid you not. That picture has been my wallpaper for a while now.....

My other obsessions......

You people who have been regularly reading this know that I've been obsessed in Hetalia. Nothing has changes. I'm still stalking DeviantArt and Himaruya's Blog for new things....

Speaking of Himaruya's Blog, he drew a picture of England as Romeo!!!!!!


 Why are all the good guys either
1. Taken
2. Gay or
3. Fictional!

And while we're on the subject of cute guys....

I epic love Blurt!!!

Hurr Derp Durr.....

I watched the latest episode of Glee yesterday, it was one of the best ever!!

Darren was fantastic as usual, he sang "Somewhere Only We Know" by Keane, one of my favourite song by the band. He sang it for Kurt who is transferring back to McKinley. Hopefully we will still see Blaine around. I would murder Murphy if he cuts Darren's screentime.

Lady Gaga's Born This Way was the theme of this episode, roughly centered around Rachel's proposed rhinoplasty (nose job).

IN MY OPINION ONE OF THE BEST EPISODES!!! Definitely one of my favourites :D

I have other obsessions as well but this post is getting waaaaay too long. Maybe tomorrow.
{Song in my Head}
~Hell To The No by Amber Riley~

      "Tell me I should eat my wheaties, you know what,
           Hell to the no!
               Tell me I'll come down with diabetes,
                    Hell to the no!..."


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