Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Gained Weight by Eating ONE Burger


I'm supposed to be downloading Glee right now D: Why did they push the premier of the new episode to next week!!?? I want my Glee now!!!! How can Ryan Murphy believe that us Gleeks can wait a month after The Kiss!!!

Oh mah gawd....
Herp Derp Durr..... *Brain broke* THIS WAITING IS KILLING MEH!!!!! *sobs*

At least I have Fairy Tail and Video Game Reunion to keep me going.......

Oh, in other news, I ate a fried burger. Ya know the KFC one with DEEP FRIED CHICKEN instead of bread. In the US, it's called the Double Down Burger, here, it's just The Double...... Someone should tell KFC that trimming the word doesn't trim the fat.

My review of the burger....... DELICIOUSNESS!!!!!!

The burger is basically 2 pieces of bacon, 2 pieces of chess, KFC's delicious cheese BBQ sauce between 2 pieces of fried chicken. I had my doubts. I remember laughing out loud when Tracy Jordan suggested the almost the same exact thing on 30 Rock. But still...... It was gooooooood.

Nutritional Information
The original recipe burger has 1939 kilojoules, 22.3 grams of fat and 1681 milligrams of sodium per serve.
The Zinger burger has 2515 kilojoules, 35.7 grams of fat and 2058 milligrams of sodium.

Guess which I had?


Yeah. But only because I wanted hot 'n' spicy!!!!! And it was worth it.

Gawd, I can feel my arteries getting clogged up as I type....

At least there's a hospital nearby....

{Song in My Head}
~L'italia Di Piero by Simone Cristicchi~
     "Piero, non dirmi che è vero,
          Quello che mi hai detto,è la verità....ma che cazzaro.
                Bella, l'Italia di Piero,
                    Quello che succede è un'assurdità... ma è tutto vero.

(Piero, don't tell me it's true,)
(That what you told me was the truth... But what a liar.)
(Beautiful, Italy's Piero)
(What happens is nonsense... But it's all true.)


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