Thursday, April 21, 2011


Happy early Easter everyone!!
 Easter Iggy!!

I'l be leaving for Anglesea in a couple of hours :D Yay, holiday!! I cannot wait!!! I still need to pack!! Procrastinator.

This would be my very first  Easter Camp, usually during Easter, it's just like any other week except I go to Easter musicals and go to a sunrise service...... For some reason I never look forward to the Sunrise Service. Probably cause it starts AT THE CRACK OF DAWN.
 It's weird to see Easter being celebrated, everywhere I go I see Easter chocolates, easter eggs, chocolate bunnies..... Like the Ang Moh need another reason to eat chocolate.....

Personally, I don't get what the resurrection of Jesus Christ has to do with chocolate or the Easter Bunny.......

But I am enjoying Easter treats XD I LOVE SUGAR!!!!!

{Song in my Head}
~Γαλανά by Έλενα Παπαρίζου~
(Blue by Elena Paparizou)

      "Βγες ψυχή μου, φώναξε, γέλα.
           Πιες, τραγούδα, ζήσε τη τρέλα.
                Μες στις φλέβες μου έρωτας κυλά.
                     Δυο θαλασσινά μονοπάτια.
                          Δυο γαλαζοπράσινα μάτια....."

("Come out my soul, shout, laugh.)
      (Drink, sing, live the madness.)
          (Love flows in my veins.)
                (Two sea paths.)
                     (Two green-blue eyes......")

Isn't Greek a beautiful language.....


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