Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hourly post starting now


First hour of my plan for an all nighter.

Bacteriology, you're going down.

Wish me luck peeps!

{Song in my Head}
~I'd Do Anything by Simple Plan~


Finishing up on 7th lecture. Gonna start Lecture 8 soon.


9 lectures to go!

{Song in my Head}
~Guys Like Potter from AVPS~


Running behind schedule

May need to speed up

I'm allowing 1 hour per lecture, but it is taking too long to finish them D:

{Song in my Head}
~Hold It Against Me by Sam Tsui~


Whoo!! 10 minutes ahead of schedule!

But next Lecture has 69 slides!


{Song in my Head}
~Thinking of You by Katy Perry~


Behind again!

Still got 14 slides left!!

I don't even remember this lecture D:

{Song in my Head}
~Twinkle Twinkle Little Star from Dead Space 2 Soundtrack~


Back on track again!

Starting Lecture 12!

Also, the library closed and I'm home.

So that means I don't have to wear jeans (or anything for that matter XD ) to study

And I'm nearer to food.

{Song in my Head}
~Say Goodbye by Skillet~


Yes! Ahead of schedule!

4 more lectures to go!

I can do this!!!

{Song in my Head}
~Alive Again by Matt Maher~


Got hungry and made instant Mac 'n Cheese. 

Yeah, I'm gonna give my grandkids cancer.

But I'm a poor student pulling an allnighter. Case closed.

Good news is that I may just get a good hour of sleep tonight :D

I'm getting faster and smarter!

{Song in my Head}
~If You Can Afford Me by Katy Perry~


Going to bed.

To tired to go on.

Just read through the final 2 lectures.

I think I'm ready.

I'll be getting up in 2 hours to further revise.

Good Night.

{Song in my Head}
~Better Than Drugs by Skillet~

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Walking Down Memory Lane

I'm so surprise this is still here!

Surfing the internet with my horribly slow connection, I suddenly had the feeling of returning here. Reading all my old post made me realize how much I miss writing. And how long has it been since I last wrote just because. 2 long years has passed since I last blogged or wrote...... anything.


It has been getting so busy lately, back then when I had time I would open Word and just let my mind relax and just write. I can't remember the last time that something I wrote didn't have to be graded. When did I lose my passion?

Today, I make a promise to myself. I will pick myself up again, I will write again. Sure, Uni life is busy, but, it has always been busy! 2 years ago, I would not let something like that stop me from writing, I have always found the time. I want that passion back. I want the old me, the more creative and passionate me back.

I want to write again. To the few of you reading, wish me luck.

{Song in my Head}
~L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole~

"Love is all that I can give to you,
    Love is more than just a game for two;
       Two in love can make it,
          Take my heart and please don't break it"