Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh Dear.....

It's Sunday people. I've never hated a Sunday more. Oh well. I'm avoiding my books again.

This holiday sucked. The only good thing this week is finally getting my class t-shirt and haunted house.

Found instructions on how to make this while surfing. Easier than it looks AND CHEAP. If we can find the materials. The hardest thing, we need a PUMPKIN!! Wakakakakaka.

Has anyone seen the 1Malaysia commercial by Maybank, the one about ABC? That was soooo good, especially if you're me. Lolz. I wanted to go to the nearest mamak for ABC, which I did. Wakakakaka. I'm going crazy....... Blame it on the trials......

I'm not gonna enjoy the next month...... Back to Mafia Wars. Lolz.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Holiday Is Ending.....

AH!!!!!! It's Saturday!!!!

What happened to the holidays!!!!!

The trials are looming upon us Form 5s.......


Friday, August 28, 2009

Holiday Blues

It's Friday!!!!!

That means that the holiday is almost over. NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

That also means that the trials are coming. Die!!!!!

Has anyone studied? I haven't. Lolz.

Exam timetable. Easy first week. I hope.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm Sick

A souvenir from Hari Kokurikulum. While I was in school someone passed a bug to me.

On Friday, it was a sore throat and cough. Fine.

On Saturday, high fever, 39 degress Celcius.

On Sunday, flu. I went to my doctor, he said that it wasn't H1N1. Thank goodness. Nonetheless he prescribed me FIVE different kinds of drugs. I missed church that day. Was too sick and high......

On Monday, fever got better. Yay! But still high on meds.

If I ever find out who passed this bug to me, I'm gonna wring his neck and sneeze on his face.

Hari KoKo

Hari Kokurikulum. Damn boring day. At first it was toleralable since the drama team were gonna perform. Then, Patricia told us to cut our drama to 10 minutes. 10 MINUTES!!!!! Is she high?? Apparantly so. So, we all did what we thought was fair. Don't do the drama, if she wants us to cut it THAT SHORT we might as well won't do it.

Until we saw our replacement. That stupid 'patiotic' drama by Persatuan Bahasa Melayu (PBM). This sorry excuse of a drama was the reason why the ELS drama got cut. And it seems that there were 2 reasons why: (1) The drama is in BM and (2) The drama has only one scene with lines. I don't get how the teachers choose. The actors, if you can call them that, were as expressionless as a rock, except for the "small kid" who was actually nice to watch. The rest look as if they were either half asleep or constipating (XD). And the fact that they taped their lines didn't help. They couldn't come in correctly, half the time they weren't even in sync with the words. Then there were the parts where they were loitering on stage, unsure of where to go. SO UNPROFESSIONAL!!!

Anyway, the rest of the performance were repeated. Kelab Kebudayaan had 3 dances this thim, a Malay dance, a Chinese dance and a Muhibbah dance, a combination of malay, chinese and indian dance. Worth watching but still repeated. So was the wushu performance.

Overall, last Friday was a waste of time. The drama team got a measley amout of money and most didi not even attend. Iven was high on meds, Grace twisted her leg (her own words), Ben was busy getting H1N1 in Australia and Yen Yin went home halfway. Oh well. At least the after party was nice. The whole gang ate together and talked dirty. Ahh, sweet memories.......

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Morning Assembly

Today is the best assembly ever. No kidding. I especially liked Radiah's speech today. Awesome. She was extra loud. Complaining about the usual stuff. Us. It's that ridiculous "selamat pagi pn radiah" crap. But today the speech woke me up!! Let me quote her......

"Yang bising pun la tak pandai!!!"

What she didn't seem to notice was that SHE was the noisiest one in tha hall. And this quote seem to fit a bunch of other teachers......

"Sekolah lain panggil cikgu perempuan, Umi dan cikgu lelaki, Abi."
"Mereka panggil guru disiplin perempuan, Bonda dan guru disiplin lelaki, Ayahanda."
Mereka panggil pengetua, Principal. Kenapa tak panggil nenek?"

YES!!! An awasome new name for Radiah!! NENEK!!! Lolz. I don't know what is going on in that school. Maybe there was a lot of inbreeding. IDK. Imagine calling the teachers mum and dad. Gross.

This s almost as good as last time when she said: "Don't waste your time doing stupid things!!!" Lol.

In another issue, the Unleashed fashion competition was last week. Almost everyone I know said it sucked. Especially Ace. She had a whole paper of comments that you can read in her blog.

Crap is that the time!!?? Gotta go.

I Love Sundays

Last Sunday I went to church in Damansara Perdana. It's been a while since I attended 'real' service. OH well. I was taking my membership so Yay!!!! Lolz. Anyway after that me and family went to The Curve!!!

I can't believe Big Apple was empty....

For no reason whatsoever we went to Friday's!!!

Deep fried Mac and Cheese.....
So sinful but so good.....

Ikea has some of the cheapest home decor stuff......

One of my favourites

Saturday, August 15, 2009


OMG, I can't believe I'm saying this. But I am. GOTONG-ROYONG WUZ FUN!!!!!

I defected my class to join Mel's class with Iven. They were cleaning the outside ledge!!! ZOMG!! It was so exhilarating to be standing there and looking at all the ants working. Some said, "Be careful" but most said, "Don't kill yourself!!" Yay!!! Lol. Some of the things we found: 75 cents(Iven 50, Mel 25), pencil box with pens inside, lots of broken glass, gum that has been on the ledge for years and a pad(unused, thank God). Ahhh! We had fun breaking the window panes to smaller pieces to stuff in the plastic bag. PANG!!! Lolz

We also had to clean the canteen roof. You wouldn't believe the amount of plastic bottles there, 3 whole plastic bags. Full. Some had gone opaque and some slimey. Eww.

Anyway, the fashion is on today. Yawn. Notice the length or the "runway". Imagine the hall, then imagine the line of chairs starting at the second door. Verdict: the "runway" didn't even reach the second badminton court and the audience will be seated in front of the "runway" not at the sides like normal fashion shows. Pity those who had to sit behind.

The Exxon-mobile team this year sucks. Last year was way better. This year's exxon members are greedy, arrogant and insensitive bastards. They're too profit oriented. Like the fashion show for instance, you have to PAY to be a model, PAY to watch the contest, PAY to vote and PAY even if you're cut. No refund. It's pure profit. This is the future of Malaysian businessman. Ugh.

Have to wake up early for church tomorrow.Bye.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Questions Answered

This thought has been burning my mind for days. HOW DID THAT FUCKING SUCK-UP GET THE JOB!!! I finally got the answer. I asked a prefect about it and he confirmed my suspicions.

"Chin Yung begged for the job. When he realized he couldn't get the head prefect post, he begged the teachers to give him a higher post. He even bragged about how being in a higher post can help the students. He just couldn't stand that he failed his interview"

Aha!!! The damn weasel is a power-hungry asshole. he doesn't deserve a place in this school!!

On Monday, Mr John talked about being mature and making the right decisions. Is it mature to not accept defeat when it is final! Is it mature to beg, no grovel on the floor because you cannot accept a decision?

Chin Yung, your childish and immature actions has seriously downgraded the quality of the prefects in this institution. You are NOT a born leader, a born leader can build a wall with the bricks thrown at him. You expect life to be easy and think everyone is below you. You should just quit SMKTC and go to someplace where they pick assholes to be KP. These are the reasons why anyone who has some form of intelligence shun you. This is why you are not head prefect.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Can't Think of a Title

I found this picture while I was surfing

I don't know what year this was but it was the time when Eric Moo could barely look over the first floor wall. Lol.

I'm still mad about "that" incident. But I'm not gonna talk about. I refuse to let it ruin my weekend.... or what's left of it.

Here's a video. Enjoy!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Rise Of The Suck-Ups

Today I was gonna blog about the prefect's little initiation ceremony. But I'm not. Instead I'm gonna talk about the one sentence that made me lose all respect I have towards SMKTC's prefects.

THere I was, bored after all the speeches. It was time for the form 5s to give their post to the new board. Shuba went up to accept the Ketua Kebersihan Dan Keceriaan post. Ok. Then the line that made my blood boil.

"XXX akan bagi jawatan Ketua Keselamatan kepada Edbert Chia."


"YYY akan bagi jawatan Pengerusi Disiplin kepada Lim Chin Yung."

What the FUCK!!!!!!

On Monday it was confirmed that Ed got the Pengerusi Disiplin post while chin yung had the AJK Keselamatan. What the heck is going on!!!!!

I knew he had appealed for a higher post but I thought the teachers threw it out. As it turns out, yesterday the teachers-in-charge had switched their positions yesterday. They haad a meeting and decided to reverse the roles, giving chin yung the higher position WITHOUT TELLING ED!!! He was only was told AFTER the meeting by Jeremy. Worse still, Jeremy gave Ed a peptalk making him accept the decision on the spot!!! I asked another prefect about this decision and she had this to say,

"The teachers feel that chin yung has more potential to be ketua disiplin than Edbert."

Apparently the teachers didn't take into account that their new pengerusi disiplin is a suck-up, kiss ass, childish asshole!!! He literally begged for the job after losing out on the headboy post, as demonstrated by Ed in ELS today.

What ever happened to the teachers' decision is final? What happened to accepting defeat like a man? Do we really need a suck-up as a leader to look up to? How can we look up to leaders that we don't respect? Chin yung is being a baby about this prefectorial elections ever since the result came out. I saw him with Ben after school today. He was either kissing his ass or trying to get the headboy post, the weasel.

AND EDBERT!!!! That idiot didn't even fight back!!! After spending months with us you'd think some of the drama team's optimism would rub of on him. No such luck. He said that there was nothing to be done and appealing won't work WITHOUT EVEN TRYING TO APPEAL!!! Stupid git.....

Thursday, August 6, 2009

School Life Vs My Life

School Life

The prefect drama is still going on. Just this morning I saw Vincent scolding Ben about some decision he made, idk. Bryan was there looking on. While I was passing them the "discussion" seemed heated.Hmmm....wonder what happened.......

Today all form 5s had to endure a BM course. It was a complete waste of time. Everything the speaker told us, we already knew. The verdict: I spent 2 hours in there doodling, writing and counting my yawns.

My Life

I bought some cheese tarts today.....yummy......

They look sooooo gooood!!!

So much cheese.....

My half eaten tart.

A union of heaven and hell.
Heavenly tart and Chucky, the doll from hell.
The perfect combination!!!

Oh yeah, PK HEM Mr Wong was spotted coming out of a gym in Sungai Long. When questioned, he confirmed that he was working out. Interesting.......

Trying to study.....
Ended up taking lots of pictures with my toys.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pengawas & Drama News

This'll be a short one since I'm sneaking internet time on my mum's computer.

Chin Yung was absent to day. Whether it's because of illness or otherwise is unknown. That boy probably emo'ed more often than usual judging by his latest blog post.

The blue shirts are now divided. On one side, those who are happy for Ben & the other is absolutely against him. Mr Chew of 4S2 is leading the anti-ben league.Maybe they will protest by blocking the streets to the school like a certain anti group did last Saturday. Ohhh..... I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

In drama news, the drama team is set to perform on the 21st of August. Yay!! There will be 2 days of practice and this time there will be music!!! On the downside, On the same day, Ben-Jie will be leaving for Australia an A(H1N1) capital. Better remind him to write a will before he leaves. Yen Yin might take over his place......

Prefectorial Board 2009/2010

The results are in. Soon, there will be a new reign of terror headed by our very own Lim Ben-Jie. Whether it’s good news or bad news depends on how seriously he takes his new post. Right now he’s probably jumping for joy, yelling at the top of his lungs or belching out yesterday’s dinner. If his victory hasn’t sunk in yet, he’ll probably do it on his first day on stage as *drumrolls* Head Prefect. Here is the line up of the Prefectorial Board 2009/2010….

Head Prefect

Lim Ben-Jie


Nur Syahida

Yao Chun

Pengerusi Disiplin

Edbert Chia


Chin Yung


Here it is Connaughtions. Your new leaders. May their reign have mercy on your souls.

9 out of 11 teachers voted for Ben. I’m guessing one of the two is Pn Usha, since she once said “The prefects in my class are useless,” or something like that. Fact: Ben is one of the tallest person to be head (6 ft). As you know, our previous few heads are, how do I put this nicely, vertically challenged.

As for the Penolong post , I kind of expected Syahida to get it since she’s likeable, well, more likable than the rest. As for the other guy, I finally remember his name!!! Thanks to Ben’s erm….. insightful way (Got D**k in Cantonese).

I’m actually surprised that Edbert got No. 4 since absolutely no one I know voted for him. Perhaps the teachers liked the way he reacted to the boos on that faithful day. Or it was perhaps that he jazzed up an otherwise routine and boring morning assembly today, “ Kehuluran ke…per…pfth…...pfth…….kelembagaan.” Oh yeah, he got a haircut too. It’s soooo much weirder than he’s previous one. Even Grace didn’t like his new hairstyle (and Grace likes the weirdest stuff). He now looks like a character from Restaurant City.

Now to the bottom of the pack. It was another surprise that Chin Yung got so low. That dude is really popular for some unknown reason and I expected him to get higher. Guess he lost a number of fans when he was bragging on stage, one thing’s for sure, Eric Moo’s successor is not happy about it. He was heard complaining about the decision. No details though. Damn. Shuba was the surprising last place finish, a place I intended Ed to get but well done anyway.

So here you are, the new Prefectorial board. I hope you Form 4s can tolerate where they will rule the school until next year. As for us Form 5’ers, we only have to put up with their nonsense for 3 months. Bye!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Week So Far

First week back. Everything is gonna back to normal. No more drama practice. No more almost empty bags. No more missing classes. No more staying back. Damn. This isn't normal. No more long nails for me. The boys have to cut their hair, for some strange reason, everyone of them look different now. Especially Adam, whose mum forced him to shave. Jeremy looks like John on a crash diet. Oh well.

ELS is gonna do a drama during Bulan Patriotisme. Well, we might. We still have to race with Persatuan BM. Seems like only one of the clubs can perform. IT's hard to imagine their our competition.....since the entire PBM has only FOUR members!!! I would kill myself if we lose to them. Well, not really but I'll be really MAD!!! *Takes five to calm down and comes back with a new topic*

Next Monday, there will be a new Head Prefect. Oh dear. It could me
an further improvements in school or a further downward spiral. My fear is that is will be that bragging guy whom I have not bothered to remember his name. Jeremy Toh knows who is it, his father too. When asked he gave 2 responses. First, "P & C". Second, "Drama rocks" (he meant it as a hint). Evil git. But he did give another more helpful hint.

CW - Ketua is CY, Penolong is Syahida and Ben.
Jer - You are 0% correct.


Last Friday, Esther came for a visit. Yay!!! She bought a round of Milo Ais (5). It was especially special for Mel who hasn't had a sip of Milo for 18 months!!

Drinks are served

This pic is especially for Adam

Sweet memories........

I went to a cafe yesterday, food wasn't that good but i saw something cute!!!!

The kitty was sitting down and staring!!!

~How can you not pity that~

Aww, pity me!!

I gave it food after this look.

Last but not least, I found these videos. Love them so much!!!!

Chris Daughtry actually sounds nicer live. This version of No Surprise is sooooo much better than the original

Once again soooo much better than original.