Monday, February 28, 2011

Aussie Bloggie

I hope I don't develop an accent...... I would kill myself.

I've been here for 3 weeks. The weather is cold. I haven't seen the sun for days. My queen size bed has become a single. I'm starting to pay my own bills. AND I'M LOVIN' IT!!!!!!!!

The worst part of my trip here is that my mum tagged along for 2 weeks. Ahh!!! But now she's gone back and I'm finally without parental supervision. FINALLY!!! That means I've only begun living for about 1 week :D And I finally remembered about my blog....

Some people I met at the airport.
On the right, a Vietnamese exchange student and the left is Ace's senior at UCSI
And a random ah moh at the back
Australia is weird in some ways. People there greet by saying "Hi, how are you?" You think they are all very friendly until the 10000000000th Ang Moh greets you the same way. I eventually learned that their 'Hi, how are you ' greeting is as meaningless as body soap.

Trams and cathedrals. Definitely not Malaysia
In my 3 weeks in the land down under, I have come to appreciate to maze that is KL. I have lived in Malaysia for 18+ years and still find it hard to navigate through the city (not counting walking from one mall to another :P). But I can walk in the city of Melbourne without getting lost using 3 weeks of knowledge. It is THAT organized!!

Even their train stations are cooler!!!
The weather here is nuts. There is 4 season weather EVERYDAY. You never know when it will rain, be sunny, cloudy or be freakin cold. Everyday I leave my room I must bring an umbrella and a coat. One time, it went from 29C to 17C in TWO MINUTES!!!!!

Weather like this is short-lived
And the food!!!! I cannot stop eating!! Tim Tams, Shapes, Brie Cheese!!!!! So much cheaper than back home!! I bought some and am still enjoying it!!!! I'm missing Malaysian junk food but I think I can handle it :X

Look familiar?
 The thing about Aussie. A kg of drumsticks is cheaper that a kg of whole chicken. Fruits are fresh, veggies are not. Snacks are cheap, canned soup is cheap, milk is cheap, bread isn't cheap. They sell Kanga meat.

Read: Kangaroo Mini Roast.
I'm living in a place where it is near both the city and the uni. Lucky cause the public transport system here is a nightmare (EXPENSIVE!!) The room is half the size of my room but I don't feel it cause the bed is half the size of my bed. It already has the Nicole touch (Messy) and is comfy!!!

I'm actually happier that I look....
I'm loving my life in Aussie but I won't stop missing Malaysia. I won't stop missing roti canai and teh tarik. I won't stop missing my schizo friends. I won't stop missing eating roti canai, steamboat, Papa Johns with my crazy retarded gang.


{Song in My Head}
~Heaven by Bryan Adams~
      "Nothing could change what you mean to me,
           Oh there's lots that I could say;
                But just hold me now,
                     Cause our love will light the way..."

Sunday, February 6, 2011

5 Bunny Facts


I felt like doing this so here: 5 facts about rabbits I bet you didn't know.

Fact #1
Some rabbits are reared for their wool

Yeah, that's a rabbit
If you would like to own a living ball of cotton wool then get yourself an Angora Rabbit. This bunny is a variety of domestic rabbit bred for its long, soft hair. It is one of the oldest types of domestic rabbit, originating in Ankara, Turkey along with the Angora cat and Angora goat. The rabbits were popular pets with French royalty in the mid 1700s, and spread to other parts of Europe by the end of the century. They are bred largely for their long wool, which may be removed by shearing or gently pulling loose wool. Four breeds are English, Giant, French and Satin Angora rabbits. Their weight ranges from 2 to 5.5 kilograms

Fact #2
Rabbits are not big rats

Rabbits pwn rats
Rabbits ain't rodents. They belong to a family called Lagomorphs, a separate species. There are a few differences. Lagos have four incisors in the upper jaw (not two) and are pure veggie heads. But the key difference is the male anatomy (giggle), in Lagos, the male's scrotum is in front of the penis and the penis contains no bone unlike in rodents.

So the next time people say that rabbits are rodents, point to their junk and say: "No they're not! Their balls are in front and they have a floppy dick. So obviously they are lagomorphs." LOL

But they have 1 thing in common with rodents....

Fact #3
Rabbit teeth never ever stop growing

One of the ways that the tooth surfaces are worn down is through chewing on hard fibrous food. The other is by having the opposing teeth in the mouth wear each other down during the chewing and grinding that accompanies eating.

Or you can feed them cookies...
If there weren't a mechanism in place to prevent the unlimited elongation of the teeth it would ultimately be impossible to close the mouth and ingest food. Rabbits whose teeth do not line up properly can expect a lifetime of visits to the vet to mechanically grind or cut the overgrown teeth. The front teeth, the incisors, are easily accessible and are cut with a nail trimmer. The molar teeth are hard to access and have to be done under a general anesthetic. Rabbits -- an orthodontist’s delight or nightmare?

Fact #4
You can hypnotize a rabbit

Well, not exactly. Tonic immobility (TI) is a state of motor inhibition that can occur in prey animals as a last defence against a predator.The rabbit will lie still on its back, giving the impression of being already dead.. TI is commonly referred to as trancing or hypnotising. It was previously thought to relax the rabbit but this has been widely discredited, studies show increased heart rate, respiration and blood pressure.

Another method is by gently turn the rabbit on its back and slowly and rhythmically slide it back and forth. This technique is vital to vets so that procedures can be done without the rabbit reacting in any way. Restraint of rabbits can be a very precarious. Overzealous restraint can easily result in fractures of the back when a struggling rabbit kicks violently with its powerful hind legs, essentially causing the back to snap like a twig.

Fact #5
Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny have only appeared together onscreen once.

The movie: Disney's Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988)
The man responsible:  Acclaimed director and producer Steven Spielberg.

Spielberg was able to get the rights to all the non-Disney cartoon characters for about $5,000 per character! The one caveat was that Warner Bros. demanded that Bugs Bunny only be featured in scenes opposite Mickey Mouse and that the pair had to speak the same number of words of dialogue.

You didn't expect Bugs to play fair didcha! 

Yeah, so I just slipped this last fact in but it's still bunny related :D

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~Tired of Being Sorry by Enrique Iglesias~
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           We're all bloodless and blind,
                And longing for a life,
                     Beyond the silver moon..."

Friday, February 4, 2011

$$$$$$ Day

My Bro : When is the Reunion Dinner?
Me        : Yesterday.

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Or as I call it, Money Days!
It's the year of the rabbit and most places are cashing in on this particular animal.

Since bunnies are less scary than say snakes or dragons (wusses), Many advertising agencies are using the rabbits's image to promote things to children. But don't be fooled by the rabbit's long ears, pink nose and fluff; their bite can seriously HURT you!!

Chinese New Year is one of the hardest holidays. Not only am I leaving exactly 1 week after CNY, all the food and CNY cookies are threatening my bikini body. NOOOOO!!!!!! Siriusly, I cannot stop myself from munching all the goodies even after a huge dinner! Curse you cookies!!!

Why must you be so delicious! :(
PS: In the box, BROWNIES!!!
On an Unrelated note, I finished reading and re-reading Lost Hero. I think it's pretty stupid the I spend RM35 on a 2 day entertainment. I guess to save money I have to do one thing. KIDNAP THE PM AND FORCE HIM TO LOWER THE PRICE OF BOOKS!!!!!!! (For me at least)


{Song in My Head}
~Time For Miracles by Adam Lambert~
      "This aching heart ain't broken yet,
           Oh God I wish I could make you see;
                Cause I know this flame isn't dying,
                     So nothing can stop me from trying..."

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Live to Eat

 Whoever said the phrase "Eat to Live" needs to be killed. Brutally.

I recently went to Latest Recipe, a buffet restaurant in Le Meridian KL.... BUFFET!!!!!!

My first Yee Sang of the year
BUFFET!!!!!! OMG! They have absolutely everything there. Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Indian, etc but the best part......

... Is the DESSERT!!!! Pictured above are toppings for Teppanyaki ice-cream... 40 of them!!!

And the marshmallows..... you can eat it as is or....

Dipped in chocolate!!! When you enter the restaurant the first thing you see is the glorious chocolate fountain! Drool.......

Seafood is fantastic too!!

This is the second time I have eaten there but the food there doesn't get boring. Both times there will be something new. If you haven't been there, I urge you to go!!

{Song in My Head}
~Eva by Nightwish~
      "Mocked by man to depths of shame,
           Little girl with life ahead;
                For a memory of one kind word,
                     She would stay among the beasts...."