Friday, September 19, 2014

I Got Hurt So I Wrote this

You were suppose to cushion my fall Instead you were the one who shoved me down Trust, safety, hope and love I thought I had that with you I wish that I had no memory Of the words that were said I wish that I could forget The times that we shared If only I could just Walk out of this life Into the next Which I’m sure you won’t mind Why am I so surprised That I was the one hurt When I have always known That you have held the knife It doesn’t matter now What’s done is done My heart is no longer whole Thanks to this gift from you You salted the wound And turned the blade How much must I suffer Before I satisfy your Need to see me kicked Where I have fallen down It’s over, it’s done I know when I’m not wanted I know I’m not in your heart And you’re not needed in mine I’m walking out the door I bet you don’t even care But wherever I go I know I’ll be just fine