Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Camp, Day 4

Sunday, 24 April

Woke up 5 minutes before my alarm. Wow. Obviously I wanted to go back to sleep.... But I wanna eat.....

I'm sore all over thanks to 3 days sleeping on a too thin mattress. Since I will be leaving today I went back to my room after breakfast to pack. It was easier than I thought, I really did pack light. 1 backpack, 1 sleeping bag. Wow, I'm proud of me.

I'm a little late for Bible study today because of packing. Meh, everyone else was too XD Bible study was first today, finished up the rest of John 19 then had reflection time. I still don't get the use of said reflection period.

MORNING TEA!!! Today it is delicious apple/banana (cannot tell which) brownies!!!! It had yummy cream on top too!!! Gonna fatten myself up XD

Easter Sunday Bible Talk, Jesus' Resurrection. Once again, nothing I haven't heard of but nonetheless made me proud of having such a wonderful God. Ended the session by singing one of my favourite song, "In Christ Alone" by Keith Getty.

LUNCH!!!! It's the final meal I'm having in Anglesea so I was half expecting something fancy. Nope, salad and hotdogs. At least they let me have seconds :D

EASTER EGG HUNT!!!! Well, not exactly. There were only 5 eggs to find and their rough locations were drawn and posted. But it was terrific fun to run to these locations, beating others in the process XD

Before leaving, everyone had to cleanup the site, cabins, meeting rooms etc. Cleaning my room was easy, I barely lifted a finger! No, it wasn't cause I was lazy, it was just that easy! It only took us 5 minutes!!! My roommates and I are gooooooooood.

We're ready to leave!! Earlier they gave out the Easter eggs used for the hunt, I have so many eggs now, bith in my pockets and in my mouth!! I really love those big eggs, they're hollow inside and is was so much fun stuffing the smaller ones inside. No pictures cause I ate them before I could think of anything else. Currently eating while waiting to leave. 

Finally leaving!! My car was one of the last ones since the driver is the organiser of the camp, and we got a bag of marshmallows for our patience!!! YAY FOOD!!!! I also connected my iPhone to the car's radio so I was listening to MY songs on the way back. Good times.....

Something happened that hasn't happened in 3 days...... MY PHONE HAS SIGNAL!!!!! About damn time too!!!

Reached home! I miss my bed!! I crashed into bed the moment I entered!!

Woke up. Damn, I don't believe this, I barely slept a wink in the ride home but as soon as I got back I slept for 4 hours straight..... Discovered that my easter eggs have been crushed, they resemble pancakes now :D But chocolate is chocolate and THAT my friends was my dinner. 

This camp was seriously the most fun I've had since coming to Australia. I enjoyed it immensely. I can't wait for the next one!!


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