Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kidney Story

My first ever dissection!!

It's about fucking time too. I was supposed to do one in Form 5 but the teacher was too scared of animals. What being afraid of animals and dissection have in common I have no freakin' idea......

A goats kidney

Cutting the damn thing in half with a blunt scapel


Self portrait. I call this: "The Hottie and The Kidney."

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I have been silent for far too long!!!!!

Damn presentations!! Can't you let me enjoy my after holiday holiday!! T.T The day I came back to school 2 weeks ago was the day hell started all over again. English presentation, bio presentation, psychology presentation. T3T Too much man!!

What it the world was wrong woth me in January when I chose to do a report on cholesterol for English!? Stupid stupid stupid!!! Oh well, at least I did suicide for Bio. Weird thing was, My Eng report was too scientific while my bio report was not scientific enough..... Sigh....... You can't please everybody.
At the very least I think I chose a fantastic topic for Psycho: Schizopherenia!!! I think it pays homage to all those that I've met and known who have this disease. (Mel, Iven, Ace, Grace and almost everyone in that retard drama group XP) Lookout world, my presentation is next week!!!


Now back to research.....