Friday, December 31, 2010

Final Thoughts for 2010

My last post of 2010.

It's a little nostalgic.

Another year has past while new one is about to begin.

A new year to me means new things, new experiences and new barriers to overcome while leaving behind all those that do not matter. Starting anew is one of the things I really want to do but can we really put things in the past behind us?

Sigh... Right now the damn women is yelling at something or another, the one thing I really want changed is never gonna.

Overdue Blog and My SAM Results


I can't believe this.

I haven't blogged for so damn long.

Guess my last blog had an effect on me.

I was totally procrastinating.....

But I'm back people!!!!

Well, the main reason I stopped blogging was that I has exams in November aka 2 weeks of hell. I wanted to blog about my feelings about it after each day but didn't feel like it when I was at my laptop. DAMN YOU FACEBOOK!!!!! (However, "2 weeks of hell" described the whole ordeal perfectly.)

Before I rant any further I would like to wish all those near and dear to me a Merry Belated Christmas And a Happy New Year! I had a good haul of Christmas presents this year, I would take a picture of them but unfortunately, most of them were well............ eaten.

So! What have I been up to these past 2 months? Hmm......

Well, I watched HP7. Yay!!! Best movie in the series.  The part when Harry cheered Hermione up by dancing was so cute! And the MOM scene was A-wait for it-MAZING!! Runcorn and Cattermole win at life and the part where Ron was kissing Mary Cattermole was freaking funneh!!! I'm hoping Part 2 would be even more action packed!!

Also from Dec 17 - 25, I went to China where there is no Facebook or Youtube ::shudder:: I also didn't feel like blogging there due to the fact that I can only access it for an hour at a time for the first few days then had no access for the rest of the trip! Thanks Dad. (Sarcasm hand raised) I"ll post my trip here as soon as I upload my pictures to the comp :D

Christmas was a boring day for my family, given the fact that my dear mum absolutely banned us from going to any parties that day ::grumble grumble:: Guess what, instead we spent Christmas cleaning the house FOR THE 3RD YEAR IN A ROW.

Dec 26: Iven's Party. I'm sorry to say that I didn't take much pictures but it was a great one. Yummy delicious food: Devilled Eggs, Spaghetti Carbonara, Salad in Balsamic Vinegar, Herby Lemon Chicken and Chocolate Cake (<--courtesy of Cat)...... Drool...... and not forgetting Iven's signature Baked Potato. MMMmmmmmm......... It was so good, I had 2! We (Iven, Cat, Ace, Jer, James Toh, BJ and Choi) played Truth or Dare with some help from my phone >:D Most of the dares involved kissing but most of them opted for a kiss on the hand instead except for the couple. *wink wink*

I'm forgetting something......

(No I haven't)

My SAM results!!!

I got an ATAR of .......

::Pauses for dramatic effect::



To all those not in the SAM lingo, this is a good score. An ATAR of 92.05 means I'm the top 7.95% of everyone who took this test. So you all know now that there is a grain of truth when I call myself the smartest girl in the world.


Monday, November 1, 2010

Of Procrastination and Halloween

My finals are tomorrow....

Nope, still don't feel anything....

Sigh.... I'm fucked

Procrastination is a horrible disease, but no one is bothered to make an effort to cure it. I have been putting off my studies for weeks now, yet I still don't feel compelled to study even with the finals so close

Don't even think about the 11th minute, try the 58th second!

Pretty accurate except I'm not out of bed before 1
What am I gonna do.... :(

I have tried many ways to motivate myself into studying

Sadly, the only person I cannot lie to is myself


Today also happens to be Halloween.

Why can't Malaysia be fun!! I wanna go trick-or-treating, get free candy, lapse into a sugar coma and wake up 2 days later .



As of now, I'm too lazy to type anything else ;P


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Before Finals

I love the Pre-finals lul

Today, my college seems so empty. 8 people out of 21 came to class today. I had a chat with Chern Wei yesterday and it seems like the same thing is happening in school too. Students are too perdictable.....

Early study leave perhaps? Or something more sinister like going on a HOLIDAY!!! Gasp!!!

Personally, I never got the concept of study leave. Why in the world would anyone want to be stuck at home all day with only books for company....

You got that right!

And all those study technique talks!!!

I've already been forced to 101 of those, none of them said anything useful, just repetitions of each other. You know what, organiser of study techniqures, you want them to be useful and help us? Give us the final papers or better yet, the answer to the final papers! That would be extremely useful and make me a better student!! XD

"80% of the final exam will be based on the one lecture you missed and the one book you didn’t read."

A quote I found online. I find that it is a really useful way to desribe finals

It is the examination board's version of: "Fuck You!!"
 The thing about exams for me is that I just don't seem to fear them...



...... until it is too late


Yeah, that's my story. In perfect detail.

On a good note, today is the second last the of college! Whoop!!!

{Song in My Head}
~ Days of Summer from A Very Potter Sequel ~

      "I don't wanna see you go,
           But it's not forever, not forever!
                Even it was,
                     You now that I would never let it get me down..."

As of writing, it is 28 days, 0 hours, 19 minutes and 28 seconds till Deathly Hallows!


Friday, October 15, 2010

Live My Life

When you have all the necessary things for survival: food, shelter, clothes; you would want more than that. You want to take advantage of everything life offers you. Every oppurtunity for new experiences could be the latest crazy adventure.

So when I heard Adam Lambert was coming into town, I instantly knew what my next experience was: to go to a concert for the very first time and watch one of my favourite singers sing live!!

But someone else had other plans. That Bitch living with me said a down right NO! Even when I said that I would buy the tickets with my own cash and make my own way to the stadium. She didn't have to do anything for me. Absolutely nothing.

But no, I can't go. She claims that it's cause I have to study for my finals. She believes that I am just like her. She thinks I can study for hours on end and not get tired. She believes that good results stem from memorizing the entire freaking textbook!!!

When will she learn that I am NOT her. We may be related but we are two very different people. It's not a crime to want a life. I don't want to survive, I want to LIVE!

It's my life and if there are consequences, I will deal with them with or without you.

My family blows.

So instead of rocking on at the mega concert of the year with the supermegafoxyawesomehot Adam Lambert. I was stuck at home. Mindlessly Facebooking while banging my head on the wall. I didn't have the mood to study.


At least my time online yielded some preductivity on my part.

I found some of the latest HP7 posters

I predict many Harry/Hermione fanfiction will stem from this

Hey! That's the Elder Wand!!!

OMG! Finn in HP glasses and scar! How cool is this!!!

 I found Darren Criss' character picture in Glee!!! Yay!!!
The Dalton Academy Warblers

{Song in My Head}
~Bye Bye Beautiful by Nightwish~

     "It’s not the tree that forsakes the flower,
           But the flower that forsakes the tree;
                Someday I’ll learn to love these scars,
                     Still fresh from the red-hot blade of your words..."

As of writing, it is 34 days, 3 hours, 34 minutes and 45 seconds till Deathly Hallows


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dying Young

Sunday night, 34 passengers stepped into the Delima Express bus, not knowing that, for some, it would be their final ride.

Of the 34, 12 people were killed while 23 injured.

Most of the dead were young and had their whole lives ahead of them. Many were students, one had just graduated, another was a teenager travelling for the first time by herself, all ready to visit friends while some others were young parents. They never reached their destination.


Sharene Sofea Fadzry Tan, 18
Nur Shapika Baba, 19
Muhammad Farizuddin Talib, 19
Kam Khaw Tual, 19
Azizi Ajis, 20
Pau Khan Tual, 21
Cin Thawn Tuang, 21
Norazmi Abdul Karim, 24
Goo Chuan Heng, 34
Ng Sok Kuan, 52
R. Ramachandra, 52 (Bus Driver)
Pang Shi Moei, 57

One of them was even decapitated.

Of the injured, 6 were already discharged while 3 are in critical condition.

Their lives were cut short when the express bus, travelling from Malacca to the capital, hit the guardrail and ploughed into five vehicles heading in the opposite direction of the North-South Expressway near Simpang Ampat in Seremban.

The bus crashed through a guardrail and ploughed into five other vehicles travelling in the opposite direction. While the families morned the death of their loved ones, the rest of us want answers.

What caused the crash? Is the driver to blame? Do we need better buses? Does the fault lie solely on the weak guardrails?

Sadly this isn;t the first tragedy to happen like this. 3 years ago an express bus with 29 people on board crashed through a guardrail by the side of the NSE near Bukit Gantang and plunged into a ditch five metres below, killing 22 people.

The biggest tragedy is that most of the victims only just started living and haven't lived up to their full potential. Dying young is one of the cruelest fate destiny can throw at you.

I realize that death is just a part of life. We will be remembered by some as “good” people. Others will only remember bad things that we have done. The difference is, if we die young; we tend to lose out on many things: all the accomplishment we can achieve, pushing our potential to it's limits and find love.

There is a song by The Band Perry:

If I die young, bury me in satin,
Lay me down on a bed of roses
Sink me in the river, at dawn
Send me away with the words of a love song

The ballad of a dove, go with peace and love
Gather up your tears and keep them in your pocket
Save 'em for a time when your really gonna need 'em.
The sharp knife of a short life.

Many will accomplish things but are forgotten about once they grow old. We may not always be remembered but we still  have the chance of being something better. These people had so much more to offer and their death deprived them of opportunities in the future.

Live life to the fullest and never take it for granted

{Song In My Head}
~For Good from Wicked~

     "So much of me,
           Is made of what I learned from you;
                 You'll be with me,
                       Like a handprint on my heart...."


Monday, October 11, 2010

100th Blog Post!

I'll be doing a third Glee post in a row! Wow, never blogged a series before ;P Should be interesting. But before I do that I have an announcement to make.


It's my 100th post y'all!!!

After 1 year and a half of blogging, I even have noticed changes in my writing skill. Though not for the better for some :P My jokes a less cornier now too! (though they still are....)

Back to my previous topic, I watched the Brittany/Britney episode on last week and loved it!!

I have a sudden urge to buy an albino python

Britney's cameo

I can hear the sounds of Ben-Jie getting a nosebleed :)
However the worse possible thing happened while watching this episode. I laughed.

Which, in my mum's opinion, is as bad as murdering someone. How am I related to someone who thinks a laugh is punishable by death? Stupid close-minded bitch! I don't deserve to be yelled at or get my hair fucking pulled when I laugh. WTF is wrong with that women!!!

/end rant


Ignoring that moron, I refuse to end my blog on an angry note.

Back to Glee, the songs in that episode were fantastic. Artie's version of Stronger really gave me a boost in my confidence and thoughts about my future, not the song's intended purpose but........

I have also watched episode 3. It was more spiritual that dramedy. (Kurt's dad got a heart attack) No memorable songs but it was an overall emotional episode. I nearly teared up at times....

Oh!! In other news, The Lost Hero is out today!!!


{Song In My Head}
~Closer by Nine Inch Nails~
      "Through every forest, above the trees,
            Within my stomach, scraped off my knees;
                  I drink the honey inside your hive,
                       You are the reason I stay alive ..."

As of writing, it is 38 days, 2 hours, 25 minutes and 33 seconds till Deathly Hallows


Monday, October 4, 2010

Glee New Characters!! Week-old news but Heh! IT'S MY BLOG

Whee!!! My 2nd Glee post in a row!

Malaysia is one of the worst places to watch the latest series from America. Just look at CSI, only after the whole season has played in the US then it premiers here!! Groan......

That being said, however, I managed to watch the first and second episode of Glee with the help of Mr. Net. You know, Inter Net :D


Overall, I say Glee hasn't gotten any better but then it hasn't gotten worse either. The first episode introduced us to several new characters.

First there was Sunshine Corazon played by 16-year-old Charice Pempengco

She's the one on the right

Sunny is a tranfer student from the Philippines and she's got an amazing voice! She had a sing off with Rachel in the bathroom with Gaga's Telephone. Feeling threatened, Rachel attempts to sabotage her audition, giving the excuse that she loves Glee club too much to have another person steal their thunder.

As if I need another rason to hate Rachel....

So, Rachel gives Sunny directions to a local crackhouse, telling her that the audition takes place there. THAT BITCH! I won't say what happens next but I will say that Sunny never trusted Rachel again and left for Vocal Adrenaline.

Best part was when Sue Sylvester interupted their sing off with one word. SHUT UP!! I love Sue.

Another Character is Sam Something....

Gotta lose the Bieber cut
I'm still not so sure about Chord's singing. Sure he sang Millionaire with Artie but I was mostly listening to Artie, not him. Meh. Anyway, Chord's character Sam was suppose to audition but because Finn got kicked off the football team, Sam was reluctant as he is the new kid and hears what the others talk about the "Glee Guys"

Best scene:
Noah: You mouth is huge! How many tennis balls can you fit in there?
Sam: Well, I've never had balls in my mouth before...... Have you?


Finally, Coach Shannon Beiste

It's a women!
 She and Sue are instant enemies because she persuades Principle Figgins to slash the Cheerios budget by 10%! OMG!!!! For thr first time in Glee, Sue teams up with Will and play several childish pranks on Beiste.

Can you feel the tension?
But of course, Will got too nice after several pranks. Meh, he will never be as evil as Sue Freakin' Sylvester!!

So that's all the new characters. Tomorow I think I'll blog about the Britney episode! I meant to put 2 episodes in 1 blog but then this is too damn long already!!


{ Song In My Head }
~ Missing You by Darren Criss and Brian Rosenthal ~

      "Now I'm all alone, now he's gone for good,
           Now I'm stuck right here, wishing I understood;
                 You gave me hope when my spells weren't right,
                       You gave me someone to hold every night...."

As of writing, it is 44 days, 16 hours, 10 minutes and 6 seconds till deathly Hallows


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Totally Awesome


Oh how I've missed the show, the music, the characters  and the guest stars.

Season 2 us set to be bigger and badder with the casting of 3 new cast members!

Pretty boy Chord Overstreet was casted to play Sam, a football player that Finn takes under his wing.

He would eventually become Finn's rival in the Glee Club.

Personally, I don't love nor hate him yet. I have never heard of him but remember seeing him in a few iCarly episodes. Can he sing? I don't know, I can't seem to find his audition......

But Chord is not the biggest news......

Actor-singer-songwriter Darren Criss has landed the much-talked-about new gay role on Glee.

Isn't he dreamy....
Will he have eyes for Kurt? Maybe. Maybe not.

Criss’ character, Blaine—a cute and charismatic gay student from a rival Glee club named the Dalton Academy Warblers—will maintain a strictly platonic friendship with McKinley High’s most out and proud pupil. But could that change as the season progresses?

Series creator Ryan Murphy is keeping his options open.

Ever since Murphy announced that Kurt would be getting a love interest in season 2, speculation about the identity of his suitor has run rampant.

The casting of Overstreet led some to speculate that his quarterback character Sam would play that role, a theory Chris Colfer, Kurt, all but shot down when he said that there’s no sign of romantic tension between Sam and Kurt in the first four episodes.
Jane Lynch, who plays evil cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester, however, let slip that Sam and Kurt may have something blooming in the future.....

Back to Darren Criss, he has built quite a Web following as a member of the University of Michigan theater company Team StarKid. The group’s spoof, A Very Potter Musical, went viral in YouTubeland and turned Darren  (who plays the title role Harry) into an Internet star.

To those who haven't watched it yet.... WATCH IT!!!

Unlike Overstreet, I know Darren can sing. Very well. Just look at his audition!

It simply oozes awesomeness and you can see his personality. His EP Human was one of the most downloaded on iTunes and his Disney covers in Youtube are simply melting....

*Cue Fangirl scream" SQUEEEEEEEE!!!

I am so happy for Darren. He totally deserves this role, Team Starkid must be so proud!

I have personally created a FaceBook Page dedicated solely to him here

Please join!!

However, there is 1 more yet-to-be-cast actor. Will he turn out to be Kurt’s BF instead? Speculate away :)

The plot surrounding Kurt’s first boyfriend thickens.......

PS: I have my fingers crossed that the third actor will be Sam Tsui ;P or Nick Pitera

{ Song in My Head }
~ If I Die Young by The Band Perry ~

      Penny for my thoughts? Oh no, I'll sell them for a dollar,
           They're worth so much more after I'm a goner;
                 Then maybe then you'll hear the song I've been singing,
                      Funny when you're dead how people start listening...

As of writing, it is 49 days, 0 hours, 2 minutes and 40 seconds till Deathly Hallows


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Scare Tactics

M. Night Shyamalan, I forgive you.

I forgive you for disastrous "The Lady in the Water," boring "The Happening" and this summer's  vomit inducing "The Last Airbender".

You have totally redeemed yourself with "Devil"

The screenplay of “Devil” was penned by Brian Nelson and based on a story by M. Night Shyamalan, a man with a reputation for churning out movies with twist ending after twist ending. But there is enough foreshadowing here (see title) that the resolution isn’t quite the shocker we’ve come to expect.

Pure evil has descended on a high rise in Philadelphia, as five nameless people board an elevator only to find their destination isn’t exactly where they had in mind. This scenario is the plot of “Devil”.

During the film’s upside-down opening, the narrator which we later know as a security officer named Ramirez (Jacob Vargas) who doesn’t appear on screen for almost half an hour, tells of an old story he heard in his childhood. The story repeats itself throughout the ages, always beginning with a suicide, which opens the way for the Devil to appear on Earth and make sure that everything that can go wrong does.

“Devil” begins the same way. Here, the suicide that invites evil in also serves another purpose, bringing Det. Bowden (Chris Messina), a faithless, recovering alcoholic still grieving over the deaths of his wife and young son, to the building where the elevator is stuck.

As chance would have it, the malfunctioning elevator is of the express variety and gets stuck in an area where there is no access. All efforts to get it back online fail. Attempts to open the doors are unsuccessful. All who try to help dies a gruesome death. The passengers — a mechanic, an old woman, a guard, a rich woman and a salesman — are stuck with one another.

As Bowden and Ramirez look on via the elevator’s security camera, things begin to go wrong, pushing the detective to look deeper into the riders’ backgrounds. His investigation reveals that each passenger has his own checkered past, a fact that seems far beyond mere coincidence. Ramirez believes their past deeds and the lies they tell themselves are why they have been brought together. Bad things like this happen for a reason.

The attacks mostly take place when the elevator lights malfunction, so director John Erick Dowdle (“Quarantine”) hides most of the scary action behind a black screen, forcing moviegoers to experience the horror with their ears until the lights come back on. It’s mostly just a bunch of bumping, screaming and grunting, interrupted now and then with an occasional flash of light. Simple, but effective. You will never know who dies until the lights come back and they're dead...

Everyone is a supect in the elevator. You don't really know who is behind the murders, who is the Devil in disguise. This simple fact is good enough to draw you into the story, watching for anything and everything that can give it away. The person you suspect the most might be the next person who dies, making you doubt yourself over and over again. The plot twist in the end was unexpected and spooky...

There really aren’t any egregious acting issues in the movie. Each actor and actress pulls their weight, though no one stands out. But the passable performances mix nicely with an ominous soundtrack of strings and bass instruments and an interesting plot with decent enough execution — a package that delivers an hour and a half of thrills.

This movie is a definite must-watch on anyone's list. Iven and I were hanging on the edge of our seats throughout the entire movie. Our popcorn and waffles just lay there, forgotten. It was just that good!

As of writing it is 52 days,  23 hours, 35 minutes and 20 seconds till Deathly Hollows


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mid Week Slump

I'm alive!!!!!

I lived through Psych exam!!! Whooooot!!!!

Not bad with only an hours worth of study.

My Biology today was, of course, perfection as usual. Even better if you put in that I only had half an hours worth of study. Right before the exam too!

Last minute study works!!

And I would like to say this again....

~~ I am too good for school ~~ Muahahahhahahahhaah

On to more important matters

The latest Harry Potter Trailer premiered yesterday. It so COOL!!!! You get to see the 7 Potters!!


Fleur, Ron and Hermione

Cue the all-over-body chills.

HAahhahahaha!! I have to admit I teared up a little. Harry Potter is coming to an end. Sigh.....

As of writing, it is 55 days, 22 hours, 11 minutes and  10 seconds to the premier of HP!