Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hoildays are here!



Holidays are coming! I love you holidays!!

Easter break is next week. I find it awesome that I get holidays for Easter. Good Friday is a public holiday as well. Yay!
I can't wait to climb those rocks

I'll be going to Anglesea for the Easter weekend! I really need to explore more of Victoria so what's better than joining an Easter Camp! God and beaches, it's the perfect combination!

And maybe I'll learn to surf too. Maybe.
It's a 3 nights, 3 days camp, so I will be back by Sunday afternoon. I think. It would be fabulous not to cook for a few days, and no more washing up!!! That's fantastic!!! My cooking is wonderful (don't deny it) but once in a while, even a master needs a break.

Because of this I may not do long blogs while I'm there. I still want to stick to the 1 month blog challenge (and don't want to write an extra 9 blogs). I'm not bringing my computer along with me but I will try to blog from my phone. Maybe a maximum of 1 paragraph with no pictures. Yep, but it's not like you guys spend more than 5 minutes here anyway! Hehe...

Early Easter blog tomorrow! I need to pack!

{Song in My Head}
~Suomirokkia (Finnish Rock) by Aknestik~

      "Mä muistan sen kirkkaan päivän
           Sen kesän ja sen valon häivän
                Totuus löytyi kaurapuurosta, Rockradiosta, Tuplauunosta
                     Kaarlo Maaninka, Mona Carita, seksiunelmia vinttihuoneissa...
                          Se oli silloin..."

(I remember that one bright day,)
     (That summer and the gleam of light,) 
           (The truth was found in porridge, rock radio channel and Double Uno,)
               (Kaarlo Maaninka, Mona Carita, sex fantasies in the loft,)
                    (It was then...)

I've been listening to a lot of Finnish songs for the past few weeks (don't ask , this was one of the tamest. One wonders why Himayura Hidekaz made the Hetalia Finland so moe when in reality Death Metal Rock is so popular there. Seriously, these songs make your ears bleed!!


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