Friday, September 30, 2011

Rainy days

In my last blog I complained that Melbourne's weather was getting hotter and hotter and I was melting.

Well, it seems that Melbourne weather reads my blog because it has been raining EVERYDAY this week.

And needless to say...... I'M SO HAPPY!!!!

Yep. I may come off like a bitch for complaining so much but the fact is, if I'm complaining that it's too hot and dry then when it's the complete opposite like this week, YAY!!!! I'm not a TOTAL ass, just part!

Singing in the Rain, I'm singing in the rain;
What a glorious feeling, I'm happy as can be.

I love it when it rains. Not only does it make me appreciate the warmth provided by my blanket, the air seems so crisp and fresh right after a storm.

Plus, it gives me a good excuse to wear my boots! And jump into puddles!! I feel like a kid again~~ Well, MORE of a kid XD

However, I think the main reason why I love this weather is cuz of the cold. Coming from a tropical country like Malaysia, you would think I would fall apart when it goes below 20, but for some weird reason, I have always had a tolerance for cold weather, it's better than my tolerance for heat anyway......

Or it may be the fact that this is as Malaysian as the weather would get. Though I detest Malaysia's heat, I love it when it's wet! Back home, I've been trained to turn off the TV and internet during a thunderstorm, for obvious reasons. So, a thunderstorm means "No technology time" and I kinda like that. Rainstorms means time for myself, time for doing things I usually don't have time to do. Reading during the rain in my opinion is one of the best activity to do when it pours. There's something about the rain that makes whatever book I'm reading more vivid. It's fantastic!

Melbourne doesn't rain that often. Thunderstorms are rare. Sigh.....

PS: I got an email fromm by book site. They;ve already dispatched Son of Neptune. I'll be getting it somewhere next week!! LOVE!!!

{Song in my Head}
~Beauty by Brian Cox~
      "And it might,
           Be slightly different from the things that you may know;
                You can’t deny,
                     There’s something special when you see the night sky glow......"

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Old Shows, New Books

This week was so freaking hot. I thought I was gonna melt into the pavement.

Seriously, it felt like 30 degrees out there. Not. Cool. And it wasn't the "Hot in the sun, cool in the shade" thing. It was fucking hot everywhere. I went out with a Malaysian-style thin tee and slippers and was still burning.

I wonder how I would hold on when I'm back in Malaysia.........

In other news, this month September is AWESOME! Not only did season 2 of My Little Pony premiered last Saturday, Glee is on and so is The Big Bang Theory! Along with watching Fairy Tail and Beelzebub, I'm not gonna get an work done for the next few months. Oh well~~

 Glee was AWESOME! Best opening episode eva!!! It boiled down Glee to it's basics that we know and love and Blaine out of his Dalton uniform and in bowties and skinny jeans. Grr..... And I want ALL songs in my phone stat!

I love the herd. MLP:FiM is not a show for snotty-nose kids anymore. I love everything about the show, it's characters, it's appeal and it's plot! Not to mention that the values and lessons theme did not completely overshadow the whole show. <3


Also, I bought 3 new books today, all crime novels, two of which has medical themes to it. :D Robin Cook is responsible for my obsession for medical thrillers... But what I really want (and need) is Son of Neptune!!

Son of Neptune is only due next month (or more appropriately 2 weeks!), but to keep us on our toes; Rick Riordan had been slowly introducing characters from the book. That man is an evil genius, dangling that book in front of me..... I WANT IT SO BAD!!


I'm dying~~

{Song in my Head}
~Never  Let You Go by Dima Bilan~
      "Cold champagne we forgot to pour,
           Baby now it's happened with us;
                We're dancing on broken glass,
                     Can't stand no more...."

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Miss Home

This is one of those times when I'm truly feeling homesick.

This festival has too many names~~

There's the official Chinese translation, Mid-Autumn Festival. Then, there's Lantern festival for all the fancy tanglungs children (and I) play with. But to me, the most appropriate name would be Mooncake festival.

Mooncake Festival!!!! I can't believe I'm missing it!

I want my lotus paste mooncake!!

Fuck it, I want to eat mooncakes in general :(

I miss home......

I miss my friends. I miss the food. I miss almost burning the house down when playing with candles and lanterns.

I'm gonna go eat my TimTams now.

{Song in my Head}
~Here In My Home by Malaysian Artistes for Unity~

"Hand in hand we'll march like blood brothers,
I speak for my people, hope we'll find peace forever;
May the road ahead quench my thirst for success,
May the road behind echo a song of the blessed..."

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Of Changing Personalities and Idiots

(Was meaning to post this up earlier but........ I got lazy XP This has been in my drafts for so damn long...)

The University of Melbourne must be understaffed. No, I'm not kidding.This semester, I have 3 of my old tutors. And the worst part: they had the audacity to ask for my name. Sigh.... I'm a different person in Uni than I was in high school.

In Malaysia, I was bold. I was active in class, though not for the right reasons I admit. And I could TALK to my classmates. WHAT THE BLOODY HELL HAPPENED!!??
In Uni, everyone minds their own business, those who are friends stay in their own cliques. Some of the Ang Mohs so stuck up also. Sigh.....

At the very least, they're just looking down on people, not being too big of an idiot. Cuz the idiot disease seems to be spreading far and wide.

First we have one moron in the Norway massacre, now we have thousands of morons running throughout England lighting houses on fire. Is the world just filled with idiots waiting in line? (I think I'm watching too much House...)

The London riots can be seen as one of the most obvious decline in humanity. How can the people from one of the most advance city on earth behave worst than animals? Stealing and looting while blaming the government for all their problems? Is that the kind of "forward" thinking we need? Asses.....

Remember when Japan got hit with the earthquake and people were too busy helping each other and such? In Western news, people were curious why there was no looting or destruction going on caused by the Japanese. Apparantely, there's a huge respect thing the Japanese believe when it comes to disasters and unfortunate events. If only we could of learned from them...

{Song in my Head}
~Pork and Beans by Weezer~
      "I ain't gonna wear the clothes that you like,
           I'm finally dandy with the me inside;
                One look in the mirror and I'm tickled pink,
                      I don't give a hoot about what you think.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Semester, New Troubles, New Light

I love Holidays

I love Uni

But I hate to go to Uni after Hoildays....... D:

Another thing I hate more than Uni? Mornings

Now combine these two and Voilà! It's now evident that I'm not having the time of my life now.

Oh Mornings.... Y U COME SO EARLY!!??

 At least it's not all bad.

Snacks were on sale for the longest time, I bought so MUCH!!

 Now I have tons of junk food to ease the transition.

*Munches on a TimTam while opening a bag of Doritos*


On a more serious note, I'm not just a person who only complains and whines all the time. The are reasons behind my discourse.

I may hate going to school/college/uni but I usually suck it up for 1 reason: I LOVE learning. I just don't like the way it's taught. For example: I have a gigantic interest in History, but the way Sejarah is taught in school killed it for the longest time. However, last semester, I took a course on Human Ecological History and enjoyed it immensely!

Here's the difference between the two subjects:

In Sejarah, facts were shoved down my throat. I was taught how to feel and what I need to remember. I only studied this subjact to pass exams. IT was the type of thing that you had no choice of the matter. Like you needed to study, like you had to remember it. And that was the root of the problem. Remember. Not appreciate. Not enjoy. Remember. Gah!

In HEH, however, students were taught the events and ideas and they would be up to our own interpretation. There is no right answer. I have even read up on things myself that were not taught in class, just because I want to know more! MOAR!!! Curiosity killed the cat? Rubbish! Curiosity is what drives you forward!! (It also helped that I discovered Hetalia at that time too XP )

"Never regard study as a duty, but as the enviable opportunity to learn to know the liberating influence of beauty in the realm of the spirit for your own personal joy and to the profit of the community to which your later work belongs." 
~Albert Einstein~
Learning = LOVE!

Right now, I'm doing a Theology course called God and Natural Scinces. Will blog about THAT soon.

{Song in my Head}
~I See The Light by Mandy Moore and Zachery Levi~
     "All those days chasing down a daydream,
         All those years living in a blur;
             All that time never truly seeing,
                 Things, the way they were......"

PS: Did I mention I'm currently obsessed with the movie Tangled? Cuz I am. Zach Levi is my current celebrity crush....... *goes off to watch Tangled for the 50th time*

Happy 2nd Birthday!

FollowYourStomach turned 2 last month!!!

I'm so Happy!!

My baby is slowly growing up!


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Freedom...... not





No more exams. No more Uni. Just me and 1 month of relaxation.

Now I can focus on my main reason for living.


Ok, not really. I wouldn't want to take over the world anyway. Think of how much paper work that involves.... *Shudder*

Anyway, it's supposed to be winter here in Melbourne.

Pfffft I wish! It doesn't snow here!!! SAD BETUL LA!!!! OTL

So far, it's pretty warm here for winter (Winter warm means 15 and up) but I'm hoping it will drop lower. I'm so gonna regret this....

Oh, and I'm gonna have to find a job for the holidays. It's so gonna limit my free time but I needs the monezzzzz....

Here's to a Winter Wonderland!

{Song in my Head}
~Einsamkeit (Loneliness) by Hiroki Yasumoto~

"心を開き 解き放ちたい
君がいるから 僕でいられる......"

My heart is opening,
I want to be set free;
Because you are here,
I can be myself.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Books and Trailers

Quick post today since I'm studying.

Rick Riordan posted the cover of Son of Neptune a few weeks back.

To be honest, it's not as mind blowing as the over covers but what the heck. It's RICK RIORDAN! You know the book is gonna be EPIC!!!! But I still want an awesome cover XD

Book comes out October 4th!

And speaking of covers...

Hetalia Volume 4 is coming out!!!! OMG!!! But I still have to wait for the English Version :( I really need to learn Japanese.

The covers:

Chibi Prussia's on the cover!!!! LOVE!!!! I get that Italy is the main character but must he be the center of the cover!!?? THAT SPOT BELONGS TO THE AWESOME PRUSSIA!!!!!

Also, The Latest HP Trailer is up.

*Cue goosebumps*

I'm so excited!!!!! I'm totally catching the midnight screening for this! I don't care if it cost RM30++ I must watch!!! I connot wait to see it but I don't wan it to end!!

In other HP news.... JKR is planning something for HP. I wonder what it could be. Letters have been released all over HP fansites giving us a clue.

Some people have said this could be it

An OFFICIAL HP site? What is going on!!?? What is JKR planning? I wanna know!!!!!

This is what happens when you click one of the owls.

It takes you to a YT account. I bookmarked it :D I have to check here in 5 days man!!! I really Have too!!!

Now I'm off to study Informatics. Wish me luck!

PS: I changed my header picture. You like?


{Song in my Head}
~ Bruises and Bitemarks by Good With Grenades~
      "You bring the ropes and chains,
           I'll bring the pills and games;
                I can show you pain,
                     And make you say my name......"

Friday, June 3, 2011

Bad Nikki

I'm a bad person.

Exams are so close, yet I haven't studied seriously.

Most of the time I'm surfing.


I'm gonna fail.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wrong Priorities

Exams are so near...

My assignments are piling up.....

And what do I do?

I re-read Hunger Games. XD

Yep, I got my priorities right :D I have never bought Hunger Games, the first time I read it, it was from an e-book. I want to buy this book so bad, with the cover depicted above. But unfortunately, all the books I've found have that bitch Stephanie Meyer's name on it  >:(  I don't wanna taint my room with that horrible name!!

Back to schooling matters...

My exam timetable came out. I would have

Biology - 8 June - 9.30am - 12.30pm
Chemistry - 9 June - 9.30am - 12.30pm
Ecological History of Humanity - 14 June - Final Research Essay Submission before 5pm
Informatics - 20 June - 9.30am - 12.30pm

Did I mention that I HATE mornings? (and exams too)

One thing that comforts me somewhat, is that exams are NOT a measure of intelligence, they do not determine how well you will do in life, how successful you will be or how much potential you have in yourself.

Hank Green puts it very well.

 Nerdfighters FTW! DFTBA!!

I gotta get away from school, thinking of this exams matter makes me lose my appetite. Ugh.


It's the French version of Jet Lag. Simple Plan sounds sexier in French XD

And since I haven't bugged you guys about Hetalia in a long time, Here's a Hetalia vid, featuring my 3rd favourite character (Prussia is 1st and UK is 2nd) :


I like Hetalia being depicted like this. It shows that the world we live in now was built on bloodshed.

That and I like seeing Russia being sadistic.

{Song in my Head}
~Wash Away Those Years by Creed~
My anger's violent,
But still I'm silent;
When tragedy strikes at home,
I know this decadence, is shared by millions.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Missionettes Testimony and Eurovision Review

Hey, I’m Nicole. I have been attending Missionettes since I was 4 when the Rainbows program just started; it was during that time where I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. Missionettes has been a wonderful journey. The weekly lessons have been useful and informative. Not only do we learn about God and the Bible, we were also taught God’s views on girly stuff like cooking and grooming and later, about studies, jobs and dating.

For many years, Missionettes has been my only contact with church. Since my parents only attended the 5pm service, I had to choose between service and Missionettes. Obviously I chose the less boring option! It was only when Missionettes was moved to 2.30 when I started attending the NX service regularly. However, despite not going to regular service, I have come to understand the word of God through regular lessons and how I need to apply it to my daily life. The open environment makes it easier to share and the sponsors were understanding and have instilled the love of God in my heart. I used to think that going to church was just a routine every Sunday, but eventually I looked forward to it each and every week, wondering what new things I would learn.

My proudest moment was in Missionettes when the Girls Only adapted a skit I had written. It really gave me a boost in my confidence in writing. Seeing my fellow classmates perform it on stage in front of an audience was exhilarating especially since it was my first written skit. I thank God for giving me the inspiration and also the courage to show my script to Sponsor Maryann who was supportive and most of all patient since I was a slow writer….

Right now, I’m studying in the University of Melbourne in Australia. It was a last minute decision that was only confirmed 2 months before the term was scheduled to start. Living away from home alone in another country is hard. Being a Malaysian, I miss the food more than I miss the people, especially Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai and Teh Tarik. The culture I can get used to but the food doesn’t feel the same. However, my hunger for God has remained unchanged. I still want to know more.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” This was the scripture verse for the Girls Only Club, I never really understood this verse when I first read it, but now the meaning is very clear. I put God first in everything I do, whether for my studies or my social life. There are times when I feel God has abandoned me, but somehow I know that that’s the time when he’s with me the most, all I have to do is turn to Him. God truly provides for his children.

Being so far away, I am unable to attend Girls Only this year and also I regret that I won’t be graduating from Missionettes with my fellow classmates. I wish all of you the best and I promise I’ll be there for the 35th Celebration.

This thing is one of the main reasons why I haven't posted in ages. This and about a thousand other assignments that I was procrastinating working on. And the worst part is I'm not even done!!! I still got 1 due this week, another due next week and one more 2000 word essay due next month!!!

I finally found something I hate more that exams. ASSIGNMENTS!!!!


And Finals are next month...... Damn.

Let's talk about something else shall we..... EUROVISION!! This year's winner was Azerbaijan. Yes, I know what you're thinking. WHERE THE HECK IS THAT!!?? I don't know either, and I'm too lazy to look it up on Google Maps...

Personally, I don't like this song. I preferred Georgia's One More Day (9th place), Macedonia's Ruskina (Russian Girl,didn't make it past the Semis) and Finland's Da Da Dam (21st place) even though I thought Finland's song didn't really fit in Eurovision.....




Germany, last year's winner, was a HUGE dissapointment. I liked their song "Satellite" last year and felt that they totally deserved the win. But "Taken By A Stranger" was an especially risky song, sure, it was a nice song but try to outshine yourself Lena, she was so mild this year....

Italy got 2nd place this year. That is all. Didn't like their song.

Of the top 5, 3rd placed Sweden definitely my favourite! "Popular" was such a cute song and I can picture 7 year olds singing to this. Also, cause Eric Saade is so @#*%#^*^ cute!

Special mention to 5th place Denmark with their song "A New Tomorrow". This song was really inspirational, sweet and so damn awesome! LOVE IT!!

AND CONGRANTS TO UK FOR NOT GETTING TOP 10 THIS YEAR!!! Seriously, the number of almost wins UK has you would think they would have given up by now XD I admit, I was a Blue fangirl back when they were popular, but the song wasn't that good. True, it had the same inspirational tone like Finland and Denmark, put paled in comparison to the other entries...... sad really.......

Monday, May 9, 2011

Assignments Suck

I'm posting this at 3.20AM

I just finished my Programming Assignment.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Coming Now and Coming Soon

 THRONE OF FIRE COMES OUT TODAY!!!!!! (May 3rd in the US, May 4th here)


And I need to finish reading it then returning it to the bookshelf. XD

Dammit, I so want to buy the book but THE COST!!!!

Yes, I've complain about the high price of books everywhere. But if any government wants people to read more they should totally lower the prices of books.


Also, in the Children's Choice Awards recently, Rick Riordan latest book "The Red Pyramid " won best 5-6th Grade book AND he won Author of The Year for "The Lost Hero"!! Congratulation RICK!!!!!

In other news.....


The Jet Lag Music Video will feature Natasha Bedingfield and Marie-Mai, both featured artist of the English and French version of the song respectively .

And more Simple Plan News! Their latest Album is officially titled: "Get Your Heart On!"

From 1 to Awesome: I would rate this TOTALLY AWESOME!!!
So much Simple Plan on the cover XD

I can't wait!!! June 21st needs to come now!!! And they're going on tour EVERYWHERE!!! Fingers crossed they come to Melbourne.

They had a Live Chat Stream today which I missed because of stupid Uni. Grrrr.....

I'm so excited!!! First, Starship, then Kane Chronicles and now Simple Plan!!! I'm having the best week of my life! Oh, and I'm gonna watch the latest episodes of Glee, Fairy Tail and Video Game Reunion tonight too :D


P.S.: Chern Wei, you're a bastard for not knowing who Simple Plan is.

{Song in my Head}
~Your Love Is A Lie by Simple Plan~
      "I can't bite my tongue forever,
           While you try to play it cool;
                You can hide behind your stories,
                     But don't take me for a fool......"

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The End


OH YEAH!!!!!!

My last daily post!

I totally enjoyed it though XD I would actually offer to do a daily post for 1 year if it weren't for my exams or the fact that I have a life.

And I'm lazy and want to get back to playing Pokemon while avoiding my studies and assignments.

And the fact I conveniently ran out of things to say.


You know me, I want to have a post with quality each and every time. I usually spend about an hour per post. Minimum. Some post actually take up to 4 hours!

But that includes the time I spent doing something else XD

OK Time to go and kick my assignments ass!!! I'm losing currently but I'm weakening it!!

And play Pokemon.

And re-watch Starship.



{Song in my Head}
~Kick It Up A Notch by Darren Criss~

      "Go 'head and kick it up a notch,
           If your life is at a level too low;
                There's no attempt that you can botch,
                     When all you gotta do is just give it a go......"

Monday, May 2, 2011

Childish Cartoons and Space Bugs

I'm working on my Phillip Island post. It was more work than I thought so I decided to publish it another time. I was planning to work on it yesterday but something else came up. Tell y'all about it at the end.

So, for the time being here is a stupid little post about my favourite cartoons growing up!

PS: Animes aren't cartoons. Ask anyone who has watched hentai and they will tell you the same.

First off:

Winnie the Pooh

Go ahead. Laugh. But I won't change the fact that I used to love it!! Still do actually....

And who wouldn't! It's a bunch of talking stuffed animals!! I really loved all of the characters, they were the right amount of smart and stupid XD I miss this show, the latest WtP cartoons are nothing compared to the old ones, where the gang have REAL adventures and not playing some stupid detective game.

As an adult, however, you can say that Winnie the Pooh was based on psychological problems.

Pooh has an eating disorder, Piglet suffers from anxiety, Eeyore has major depression, Tigger has ADHD, Rabbit has OCD and Christopher Robin must be a drug addict if his stuffed animals talk to him...

Hahahaha!!! I love this show!

Next up,

Pinky and The Brain

Fffffff!!! What do you get when you team a super-intelligent genetically-engineered lab rat with another dim-witted mouse? Hours of hilarity!! I love Brain's harebrained to take over the world every other episode!! And Pinky! He's the perfect dumb blonde!

The Brain: This is the Earth. And this is Pinky. You can tell the difference quite easily. One is a lump of inert matter hurtling blindly through the void. The other is the Earth.

Is it weird that I still remember that quote after all these years? Nah. I'm sad that this show has ended, it ran from 1995 - 2001. But on the other hand, because it has ended, it is saved from "modernization" which will probably ruin the show like Winnie the Pooh.

I M Weasel

Another pairing of smart and stupid XD One of thoe series which I will proudly say that I have watched every single episode! No kidding. Every. Single. One. But it's not like there were a lot and I was a lazy kid.

It stars I M weasel, an internationally recognized genius and I R Baboon, his gramatically-challenged and self-proclaimed rival and occasional partner. And he has a huge red ass.

I. M. Weasel: Look what you've done! Because of you, every lawyer is now floating clear off the face of this planet!
I. R. Baboon: What bad about that?

I still remember that episode, one of my favourites too!

Ren and Stimpy

The world's most fucked up and disgusting cartoon in my opinion. Looking back I don't know why I even like it.

But I do. So much!!!

 I think this cartoon is responsible for my love of violence and gore. Seriously.n I wonder why I found it so funny when I was young. Looking back, I must have been a disturbed kid.

But they can be so cute when they want to. Happy happy joy joy!!!

Final Note.



From left: Brian Holden as Veto Mosquito, Jim Povolo as Sweetheart Mosquita, Jamie Lynn Beatty as Neato mosquito, Brant Cox as Roach and Joey Richter as Bug,

Like duh. It was a fantastic musical with songs written by Darren Fuckin' Criss!!! And it's so original as well. Who else but the great Matt Lang could have written a story about a space bug wanting to be a space human XD

From Top: Lauren Lopaz as Taz and Joe Walker as Commander Up


These two completely stole the show in every scene ! Lauren's spanish accent was epic!! Que pasa! Feliz Navidad!! And Joe as the ball-less Up, no balls but all heart!!!


If you don't know what I'm talking about.......... you suck.

{Song in my Head}
~Jet-Lag by Simple Plan~
      "I’ve been keepin busy all time,
           Just to try to keep you off my mind;
                Tryin to figure out the time zones makin me crazy,
                     I miss you so bad......"