Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Camp, Day 1

Well, it should be called Night 1 since it didn't officially start until 5 but what the heck.

21 April, Thursday

Pizza for dinner man! I had half a pizza for myself but not enough la.... Yeah, I'm a glutton but that's what makes me AWESOME!!!!

7.12 pm
In a car, in the way to Anglesea. It's a 2 hour drive so I'm chilling in the back seat while other people drive me. I feel like a BOSS!!

7.57 pm
It's raining heavily and it's dark. Highways in Aussie are not lit. Not good for a women driver. I hope I survive....

The rain has stopped!! Yay!! I discovered 1 good thing about highways having no streetlight, you can see stars!! So many of them too!! I think I see Orion!

Reached the campsite in 1 piece. Phew! Discovered the games room :D Had a game of foosball and ping pong. I think I'm gonna love it here.

Camp introduction. Found out that breakfast is 8.00am. Damn. I hate mornings......

SUPPER!!! Cookies, brownies and Hot Choc!! Hot Choc was actually Milo. Blurgh!! But it was cold so I accepted, comfort over taste....

After the quick supper (Yes, 1 hour is considered quick) went to games room for more games, won a round of Foosball. YEAH!!! 10:3 BABY!!! Also brought out my new Poohbear UNO set. Aussies have different rules for UNO. Weird people.....

It's still too early to sleep. Decided to pass the time by reading Narnia. There are 3 bunk beds in my room, I'm on the top one (of course). Beds are kinda wobbly.... Hope the person below me can take my weight if I fall through XD. Good Night people!


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