Saturday, April 30, 2011


I have no life.

I have been playing Pokemon for 4 hours straight. I forgot that it was so damn addictive!!!! I almost forgot to blog. Almost.

But luckily I have no urge to actually WATCH the damn series or movies.


Oh My Gawd, I'm wasting so much time!!! And I have 2 assignments due next week!!!!

At the very least, I actually did part of 1 assignment earlier...... but my obsessions keep me from actually completing it!!!

My desktop at this moment

I fucking kid you not. That picture has been my wallpaper for a while now.....

My other obsessions......

You people who have been regularly reading this know that I've been obsessed in Hetalia. Nothing has changes. I'm still stalking DeviantArt and Himaruya's Blog for new things....

Speaking of Himaruya's Blog, he drew a picture of England as Romeo!!!!!!


 Why are all the good guys either
1. Taken
2. Gay or
3. Fictional!

And while we're on the subject of cute guys....

I epic love Blurt!!!

Hurr Derp Durr.....

I watched the latest episode of Glee yesterday, it was one of the best ever!!

Darren was fantastic as usual, he sang "Somewhere Only We Know" by Keane, one of my favourite song by the band. He sang it for Kurt who is transferring back to McKinley. Hopefully we will still see Blaine around. I would murder Murphy if he cuts Darren's screentime.

Lady Gaga's Born This Way was the theme of this episode, roughly centered around Rachel's proposed rhinoplasty (nose job).

IN MY OPINION ONE OF THE BEST EPISODES!!! Definitely one of my favourites :D

I have other obsessions as well but this post is getting waaaaay too long. Maybe tomorrow.
{Song in my Head}
~Hell To The No by Amber Riley~

      "Tell me I should eat my wheaties, you know what,
           Hell to the no!
               Tell me I'll come down with diabetes,
                    Hell to the no!..."

Friday, April 29, 2011

Childish Games

I miss the games I used to play when I was young.

Remember the Gameboy Colour?

My very first gaming console. The stupid little thing had me spending money on games and the damn batteries for months!! It was trough the GBC I discovered The Legend of Zelda, Mario, Pokemon and Metroid M. I loved that stupid thing!!

That being said, I never really owned anything newer that a Gameboy Advanced. I've never seen a GameCube, PS2 or Wii before. I don't really mind not having any of those "high-tech" gaming consoles. If I can play games on my Laptop, I'm happy. Not that I never wanted a console, I want a Nintendo DS so badly.

It's so beautiful.

I really miss those old games played on the Gameboy. And now, thanks to the internet, I can now play all these old games without needing to repair my old GBC. Thanks to the power of Gameboy Emulators for the PC, I can. MUAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!

All I did was download an emulator and various ROMs. ROMs are programs that run with the emulator so that games can be played on them. So far, I have played The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons/Ages and The Legend of Zelda: Minnish Cap, Dr Mario and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!!

Yes, these games. I'm obsessed with Zelda games I know. LOVE!!!!!

I'm just started playing Pokemon Emerald yesterday. I forgot how much fun Pokemon was.......


{Song in my Head}
~I Believe In You by Il Divo~

      "One day you,
           Will find your light again;
                Don't you know,
                     Don't let go, Be strong......"

Easter Camp, Day 4

Sunday, 24 April

Woke up 5 minutes before my alarm. Wow. Obviously I wanted to go back to sleep.... But I wanna eat.....

I'm sore all over thanks to 3 days sleeping on a too thin mattress. Since I will be leaving today I went back to my room after breakfast to pack. It was easier than I thought, I really did pack light. 1 backpack, 1 sleeping bag. Wow, I'm proud of me.

I'm a little late for Bible study today because of packing. Meh, everyone else was too XD Bible study was first today, finished up the rest of John 19 then had reflection time. I still don't get the use of said reflection period.

MORNING TEA!!! Today it is delicious apple/banana (cannot tell which) brownies!!!! It had yummy cream on top too!!! Gonna fatten myself up XD

Easter Sunday Bible Talk, Jesus' Resurrection. Once again, nothing I haven't heard of but nonetheless made me proud of having such a wonderful God. Ended the session by singing one of my favourite song, "In Christ Alone" by Keith Getty.

LUNCH!!!! It's the final meal I'm having in Anglesea so I was half expecting something fancy. Nope, salad and hotdogs. At least they let me have seconds :D

EASTER EGG HUNT!!!! Well, not exactly. There were only 5 eggs to find and their rough locations were drawn and posted. But it was terrific fun to run to these locations, beating others in the process XD

Before leaving, everyone had to cleanup the site, cabins, meeting rooms etc. Cleaning my room was easy, I barely lifted a finger! No, it wasn't cause I was lazy, it was just that easy! It only took us 5 minutes!!! My roommates and I are gooooooooood.

We're ready to leave!! Earlier they gave out the Easter eggs used for the hunt, I have so many eggs now, bith in my pockets and in my mouth!! I really love those big eggs, they're hollow inside and is was so much fun stuffing the smaller ones inside. No pictures cause I ate them before I could think of anything else. Currently eating while waiting to leave. 

Finally leaving!! My car was one of the last ones since the driver is the organiser of the camp, and we got a bag of marshmallows for our patience!!! YAY FOOD!!!! I also connected my iPhone to the car's radio so I was listening to MY songs on the way back. Good times.....

Something happened that hasn't happened in 3 days...... MY PHONE HAS SIGNAL!!!!! About damn time too!!!

Reached home! I miss my bed!! I crashed into bed the moment I entered!!

Woke up. Damn, I don't believe this, I barely slept a wink in the ride home but as soon as I got back I slept for 4 hours straight..... Discovered that my easter eggs have been crushed, they resemble pancakes now :D But chocolate is chocolate and THAT my friends was my dinner. 

This camp was seriously the most fun I've had since coming to Australia. I enjoyed it immensely. I can't wait for the next one!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Early post today :D

I'll be going to Philip Island today . Yay!

I'm going with a bunch of exchange/international students who I have never met before. I'm so excited!! This is one of the main reason I came to Australia. Exploring, making friends and SEE PENGUINS!!!


Phillip Island penguins!!! I cannot wait!!

And yes, I have 1 more day of Easter Camp to blog. I'll do it.......eventually.


There are 2 versions, a French one and an English version. KYAAA!!!! Pierre's French is sooooooo sexah!!!

Pierre's sexy voice + The sexiest language ever = EPIC LOVE!!!!!

I can't wait for their album! June 21 is such a long wait D:

{Song in my Head}
~Break Your Little Heart by All Time Low~

      "Don't be so sentimental, no,
           This is love is accidental, so;
                Give it up, this was never meant to be,
                     More than a memory for you..."

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Catching Up

Yes, I have been away.

Yes, I broke my promise

Yes, I will do the make-up blogs.

No, I don't know how to organise them XD

Yes, I do love my loyal readers. All 3 of you.

That's the reason I write these things, to please my ego you all.

Yes, I am an obscenely nice person.

Deal with it.

Easter Camp, Day 3

23 April, Saturday




Finally got up for breakfast. I made Teh Tarik. Instead of condensed milk, I put in milk and 3 big spoons of sugar. Taste like Malaysia!!!

9.12 am
Bible talk time. John 19, Jesus' crucifixion. Though his crucifixion was shameful in the eyes of people, to God, it was like a treatment to the rightful King. Bible Study after that was interesting as well. I drew a stick figure Jesus on the cross as one of the activities XD

Left campsite for Great Ocean road. I'm wearing shorts cause my other pair of pants is still wet from the beach. I hope I don't regret this decision....

Reached...... somwhere.... Still a 4km walk away from the waterfall but the main reason to stop is to eat lunch. Yum! I'm hungry! I love the Aussie sandwiches. It's never dry unlike those in Malaysia. I really need energy to hike to the waterfall in slippers.

Drove to Erskine Falls instead. It was drizzling and we were short of time. It was a short hike away. I did some boulder climbing, in slippers. Yeah, I'm awesome. Shorts and slippers were a huge help, they increased my maneuverability. I'm more flexible and willing to get down and dirty compared to wearing shoes and trackbottoms. Cool!

Left the falls and now on the way to the lighthouse

Reached split point lighthouse. Beautiful beaches surrounding it as well. Split point lookout is the perfect place for pictures. I took so many pictures. Camera battery running low...

Time to balik!!! The Great Ocean Road really is a beautiful place. Now it's a 20 minute drive back. And I have to pee....

Campfire!! The fire was huge and hot!! I think I ate over 2 bags of marshmallows. Since we're in the middle of nowhere, the stars are both bright and plentiful. The Southern Cross and Orion was really bright and obvious.

Got bored. Yeah. Had chocolate crumble for supper then played card games. UNO, some nerdy card game, Texas Hold'em, Big 2. You name it, I played it.

Still playing poker

Had a hard time sleeping. Stupid too thin mattres.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Camp, Day 2

22 April, Friday

Stupid snooze that is only 9 minutes long. Stupid breakfast at 8 in the freaking morning. Stupid morning that is morning.

Went for breakfast. I'm still half asleep. Ate 2 apples. Did you know apple can wake you up better than a cup of coffee!? Well you do now. But I'm still sleepy. Stupid morning.

Bible talk time. Read John 17-18, Jesus' betrayal and arrest. Nothing new but still inspiring.

Reflection time. Morning tea will be at 10.30 then Bible study. Morning tea? So soon after breakfast? I'm gonna get fat in this camp....

Lunch time!! Delicious pumpkin soup and garlic bread. Mmmmm.....

Left campsite for outing. There were 2 options, a stroll trough the wetlands or a romp at the beach. BEACH!!!!

BEACH!!! My shoes are completely soaked! Water is freezing cold as well. I love it!!

Had to leave D: On the way back a friend dared me to eat an olive straight from the tree. Not. Cool. It tasted bitter. I'll stick to olives on my pizza thank you very much.

Afternoon tea. Yep, definitely gonna get fatter.

DINNER TIME!!! And it's beef!!

Games time. I kicked ass.

Had apple crumble for supper then a few marathons of UNO!! Played till 1.45am. It was awesome!!!

Its a reasonable bedtime, don't you think ;P

Easter Camp, Day 1

Well, it should be called Night 1 since it didn't officially start until 5 but what the heck.

21 April, Thursday

Pizza for dinner man! I had half a pizza for myself but not enough la.... Yeah, I'm a glutton but that's what makes me AWESOME!!!!

7.12 pm
In a car, in the way to Anglesea. It's a 2 hour drive so I'm chilling in the back seat while other people drive me. I feel like a BOSS!!

7.57 pm
It's raining heavily and it's dark. Highways in Aussie are not lit. Not good for a women driver. I hope I survive....

The rain has stopped!! Yay!! I discovered 1 good thing about highways having no streetlight, you can see stars!! So many of them too!! I think I see Orion!

Reached the campsite in 1 piece. Phew! Discovered the games room :D Had a game of foosball and ping pong. I think I'm gonna love it here.

Camp introduction. Found out that breakfast is 8.00am. Damn. I hate mornings......

SUPPER!!! Cookies, brownies and Hot Choc!! Hot Choc was actually Milo. Blurgh!! But it was cold so I accepted, comfort over taste....

After the quick supper (Yes, 1 hour is considered quick) went to games room for more games, won a round of Foosball. YEAH!!! 10:3 BABY!!! Also brought out my new Poohbear UNO set. Aussies have different rules for UNO. Weird people.....

It's still too early to sleep. Decided to pass the time by reading Narnia. There are 3 bunk beds in my room, I'm on the top one (of course). Beds are kinda wobbly.... Hope the person below me can take my weight if I fall through XD. Good Night people!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Blogging by Email

It seems my Internet has abandoned me once again. I guess it is mad a me for not using it for 3 days :P Anyway I'm blogging this via email so obviously there won't be any pretty pictures. Which is a shame since I have so many to show off.

Yeah, so I haven't blogged in 3 days. That means I have to make-up about 6 extra blogs. But you know, it's not easy to blog when you're in the middle of nowhere without signal or Internet....

Anyway, I'll do extra blogs this week. Partly cause it's Uni holidays and I have endless free time!!

Look forward to it people!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Happy early Easter everyone!!
 Easter Iggy!!

I'l be leaving for Anglesea in a couple of hours :D Yay, holiday!! I cannot wait!!! I still need to pack!! Procrastinator.

This would be my very first  Easter Camp, usually during Easter, it's just like any other week except I go to Easter musicals and go to a sunrise service...... For some reason I never look forward to the Sunrise Service. Probably cause it starts AT THE CRACK OF DAWN.
 It's weird to see Easter being celebrated, everywhere I go I see Easter chocolates, easter eggs, chocolate bunnies..... Like the Ang Moh need another reason to eat chocolate.....

Personally, I don't get what the resurrection of Jesus Christ has to do with chocolate or the Easter Bunny.......

But I am enjoying Easter treats XD I LOVE SUGAR!!!!!

{Song in my Head}
~Γαλανά by Έλενα Παπαρίζου~
(Blue by Elena Paparizou)

      "Βγες ψυχή μου, φώναξε, γέλα.
           Πιες, τραγούδα, ζήσε τη τρέλα.
                Μες στις φλέβες μου έρωτας κυλά.
                     Δυο θαλασσινά μονοπάτια.
                          Δυο γαλαζοπράσινα μάτια....."

("Come out my soul, shout, laugh.)
      (Drink, sing, live the madness.)
          (Love flows in my veins.)
                (Two sea paths.)
                     (Two green-blue eyes......")

Isn't Greek a beautiful language.....

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hoildays are here!



Holidays are coming! I love you holidays!!

Easter break is next week. I find it awesome that I get holidays for Easter. Good Friday is a public holiday as well. Yay!
I can't wait to climb those rocks

I'll be going to Anglesea for the Easter weekend! I really need to explore more of Victoria so what's better than joining an Easter Camp! God and beaches, it's the perfect combination!

And maybe I'll learn to surf too. Maybe.
It's a 3 nights, 3 days camp, so I will be back by Sunday afternoon. I think. It would be fabulous not to cook for a few days, and no more washing up!!! That's fantastic!!! My cooking is wonderful (don't deny it) but once in a while, even a master needs a break.

Because of this I may not do long blogs while I'm there. I still want to stick to the 1 month blog challenge (and don't want to write an extra 9 blogs). I'm not bringing my computer along with me but I will try to blog from my phone. Maybe a maximum of 1 paragraph with no pictures. Yep, but it's not like you guys spend more than 5 minutes here anyway! Hehe...

Early Easter blog tomorrow! I need to pack!

{Song in My Head}
~Suomirokkia (Finnish Rock) by Aknestik~

      "Mä muistan sen kirkkaan päivän
           Sen kesän ja sen valon häivän
                Totuus löytyi kaurapuurosta, Rockradiosta, Tuplauunosta
                     Kaarlo Maaninka, Mona Carita, seksiunelmia vinttihuoneissa...
                          Se oli silloin..."

(I remember that one bright day,)
     (That summer and the gleam of light,) 
           (The truth was found in porridge, rock radio channel and Double Uno,)
               (Kaarlo Maaninka, Mona Carita, sex fantasies in the loft,)
                    (It was then...)

I've been listening to a lot of Finnish songs for the past few weeks (don't ask , this was one of the tamest. One wonders why Himayura Hidekaz made the Hetalia Finland so moe when in reality Death Metal Rock is so popular there. Seriously, these songs make your ears bleed!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Writer's block

I hate writers block.

Hate them to the max!

Have you ever had that moment? One minute you're full of ideas you cannot wait to pen down , then the next you're just staring at the computer wondering where your inspiration has gone...
Random picture FTW!!

I'm dry at the moment. I don't know what I can ramble about. I can't even include camera pictures since I'm too lazy to import them to my computer. And I'm in Uni so I have no access to them anyway..... Lemme go get some inspiration....

I wanna watch Tangled again....


I really NEED a movie fix! NOW! D':

{Song in My Head}
~You Could Be A Hero by Superchick~
      "Each day she goes on is a day that she is brave,
           Fighting the lie that giving up is the way,
                Each moment of courage her own life she saves,
                     When she throws the pills out, a hero is made...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Cinema Blues

The other day I walked past a bar and had a laughing fit that lasted for an hour.

In the bar, everyone, every large, deep-voiced Australian, was singing "I want Candy."

Yes. It's true. This is too weird to make up.

And speaking of "I Want Candy"...... I WANNA WATCH HOP!!!!

That chick still looks remarkably like Ben no matter how I look at it.

Or any other movie in general! Movie tickets are so fucking expensive here, the minimum non-promotion charge is $14!!! 14 bucks!!!! Are you crazy!!! Even Malaysia isn't that high. Fuck. I hat this. I haven't watched a movie in a cinema for 2 months man..... Going cold turkey for so long isn't healthy.

Or delicious for that matter....
Watching movies on my computer is ok but nothing compares to the feeling in the cinema. The surround sound. The comfy seats. The popcorn.....

Nom nom nom popcorn....
I need to watch a movie soon, otherwise I may go crazy. Well, crazier than usual.

{Song in My Head}
~Orchard Of Mines by Globus~

      "I'll say it to be proud, won't have my life turn upside down,
           Says the man with some, with some gold forged plan;
                Of life so incomplete, like weights strapped around my feet,
                     Tread careful one step at a time......"

La flama riposa,             (The resting flame)
     La ombra dispare,     (The disappearing shadow)
La noce immortale,        (The unending night)
     La voce murmure .     (The whispering voice)