Saturday, June 27, 2009

Too Many Things

Today is the most eventful day of my life. It seems like wherever I turn today something new or shocking happens.

Today is merentas taman aka cross day. The most shocking thing about today, all the teachers where wearing pink!!!


ME and Mel also had a picture taken with Mr John. BEN-JIE!!! I WANT THAT PICTURE!!! I'll upload it as soon as i get it. Mr John actually looks quite nice in pink. Lol. I bet a lot of the male teachers were so "happy". Lol.

As for the merentas taman, well, I did more walking than running. The girls started first and me, Mel, Ace and Shireen had to wait for sooooo loooong for the guys. Mel and Shireen eventually got bored and went ahead. I don't blame them. The boys caught up to us at CP5. Well, actually we had to wait there for them. Slow like hell. Chern Wei, Iven and Penguin. For the rest of the way, Iven was eating, first bread then chocolate bites. And he didn't even share!!! Selfish fucker. Also he and Ace were Karaoke-ing. Loudly. Especially Ace. Chern Wei looked like he was enjoying himself walking next to them.Lol.

After all that, me, Mel and Chern went to LM. Makan at McD. Me and Mel did our nails. Did window shopping. Blowjob, I mean Ben-Jie, arrived later. Did more window shopping then I left for home.

At home, while watching MTV, I found out Micheal Jackson was dead!!! OMG!!! Later, I also found the Farah Fawcett died!!! Double OMG!!!

Oh well. You can't live forever.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

P for Perfection

Hello all. Today I have a grave announcement to make. As of next week, there will be an increase in accidents, road rage fights and you will see cars, well actually one car in particular, being pulled over by baboons in blue uniforms aka the police. Why?" I hear you ask. Well that's because next week, I'M GETTING MY DRIVER'S LICENCE!!! WOOHOO!!! OH YEAH!!!

*Calms down, stops dancing*

I'm not completely overjoyed though, cause for the next 2 years I have to be driving around with a hideous, disgusting red sticker with an equally disgusting white P.

Eww... But all is not lost. The P stands for either probation or percubaan, I don't know... But I have derived another word from that letter, it's P for Perfect. Yes all, I'm a perfect driver. Lol. I know you're rolling your eyes...

To celebrate my new licence to kill, oops, I mean driver's licence, my mum bought me a special treat. Durians!!!

Smells like Heaven, Tastes even Better.

All Gone!! Yummy!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Late At Night

I can't sleep...... It's about 12.40 am now but I'm not even drowsy, maybe it's cause I slept at 3 yesterday. Oh well.

Right now I'm watching Idol 7 reruns on 8tv. David Cook was cuter then than now. Lol. I'm also playing with my cat. Online. On a friendster application. A girl can dream can she? Also thinking for the blueprint for my house. Again online. On Should I get that adorable sofa set? Why not? What else am I doing? Oh yeah, Blogging. Talk about multi tasking.

I've got my driving test at 1.30pm tomorrow. I guess that actually today. Oh well. The person who is suppose to send me there is fetching me at my home at 12. That's how efficient Malaysia is. That means I gotta skip school. Not complaining. But then it means missing my English Literature class and computer class. Damn. Puan Lee is gonna kill me.

Oh Jimmy Kimmel was on Idol. I forgot that. Lolz. Simon's nipple.

Speaking of Malaysia. Let me tell you something about Malaysian cars. Not the Proton. The cars the are assembled in Malaysia. My dad recently bought a Mercs.

That's the one. He got it as a 47th birthday present to himself. You know men and their mid-life-crisis. I guess he can't stand ties anymore. So anyway, he got the car on Saturday and then on Monday he couldn't get it to start. IT seems there were some loose wires. Oh yeah, when the mechanics were fixing it, they found a host of other problems. I won't bore you with the details but the car had to be kept overnight at the workshop!! How's that for the brand "Made in Malaysia".

Oh, before I forget. My dad is on a business trip now. Somewhere in India. He left yesterday. So he's not spending Father's day with us. Oh well. My family still had a Father's day dinner. Without him. Using his credit card. LOlx. Anyway......

Happy Father's Day, old man.
Luv, Nikki

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Carl's Jr. Portobello Mushroom Six Dollar Burger

For weeks now i have been salivating over a burger. Crafted by the hands of God, it's a beautiful specimen known as Carl's Jr. Portobello Mushroom Six Dollar Burger.

Looking at this picture makes me salivate even more.....
This perfection with it's half-pound of 100% Black Angus beef, Portobello mushrooms sautéed in a garlic-butter sauce, Swiss cheese, red onion, whole leaf lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise on a seeded bun it had made me want to drop everything and hop on a plane to the nearest Carl's Jr.

Carl's Jr also had some Youtubers made some videos about it.
This is my favourite.

Have to stop now, gotta mop the drool puddle before mum finds out.
Now you know why my blog is called follow your stomach......

Friday, June 5, 2009


Yay!!! My new blog!!! For those of you who are reading this, you probably just stumbled on an internet black hole and would probably want to click that button on the top right corner..... OR I told you about this and you're curious....

Anyways, my name's Nikki and I'm fabulous. lolz. Try to find time to visit or the Easter bunny will murder you in your sleep.......