Saturday, April 9, 2011

I'm Learning History!!

If Sejarah was thought this way, I would have Aced every exam!!

Not to mention my world geography is getting better too

I can identify so many flags now!! You can test me and I'll probably get it right 90% of the time :D
Not to mention all the characters are drawn so cutely!!!!

Axis vs Allied

WW2 has never been so interesting!! Axis Powers vs Allied Forces!!!

I'm digging all the fanarts!!!!

Some of my favourite character pairings are in this picture! RomanoxSpain, GreecexTurkey, USUK, UKxFrance, PrussiaxGermany and the Nordics!!!

UK really is a mad country...
Hahaha!! Best UK Picture. Ever~~~
Ahhhh!!! Russia is so epic!!!
All hail the Ore-sama!!!!

I love you Preußen !!! Drool.....


{Song in My Head}
~Hall Om Mig Nu (Hold Me Now) by Nana Gronval ~

      "Är förlorad och förförd (I am lost and bewitched)
           Jag är skakad och berörd (I am shaken and moved)
               Hjärtat slår så hårt (My heart beats so hard)
                    Låta bli dig blir för svårt (To not do it becomes so hard)..."

(I am in LOVE with this song!!!! With translation for you guys since this song is so awesomely awesome!!!)


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