Monday, November 1, 2010

Of Procrastination and Halloween

My finals are tomorrow....

Nope, still don't feel anything....

Sigh.... I'm fucked

Procrastination is a horrible disease, but no one is bothered to make an effort to cure it. I have been putting off my studies for weeks now, yet I still don't feel compelled to study even with the finals so close

Don't even think about the 11th minute, try the 58th second!

Pretty accurate except I'm not out of bed before 1
What am I gonna do.... :(

I have tried many ways to motivate myself into studying

Sadly, the only person I cannot lie to is myself


Today also happens to be Halloween.

Why can't Malaysia be fun!! I wanna go trick-or-treating, get free candy, lapse into a sugar coma and wake up 2 days later .



As of now, I'm too lazy to type anything else ;P