Saturday, April 9, 2011

Nutty German Professor

Ya know, the best way to develop an interest in a subject is to have an interesting lecturer.

Professor Uta Willie.

Damn, That women is a riot! When she first came in she said she was gonna teach us the Foondementals XD German accent FTW!! Later, while talking about some experiments, she gave us a bit of a history lesson: "The Bunsen burner was named after it's German inventor, therefore, the correct pronunciation of Bunsen burner is actually "Boonsen" burner!"

A few days ago, she picked a condom (in the packet of course) from the floor of the lecture hall and asked loudly whose it was XD

She also has a special was to tell us to shut up :P She finger whistles!!! I don't know anyone who finger whistles!!! Not as loudly anyway..... I can't believe today was her last lecture. Sigh.... She made an otherwise boring series of lectures a little fun....

On the bright side, after having to endure too many lectures of plants (BORIMG!!!) Finally it came to an end!!! Now, my current Bio lecturer is a biologist specializing *giggle* in *giggle* mammalian *giggle* reproduction!!!!! Bwahahahahahaha!!!!! His first few words: "Sex is interesting! You can't survive without it!" I'm gonna enjoy my next Bio lecture.. XD

{Song in My Head}

      "Demokracja czy komuna,
            Pech się klei niczym guma,
                Ciągle z nami, ciągle przy nas,
                     Tak jak napalm albo rzep...."

(Polish song this time XD Cannot seem to get this song out of my head. FOR REAL!!!!)


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