Monday, April 4, 2011

Bad Girl

 I've been too lazy to update. It has been a month since uni started and already I've submitted 6 assignments (and counting) and I have 2 exams this week......... Uni life is FANTASTIC!!!!!

Oh, and another reason for no blog post is that I have a crappy internet connection at home =.=" Seriously, who cuts a person off the internet for FIVE. FREAKIN'. DAYS. Asswarts......

Anyway, I promised Mel that I will blog for every single day of April (starting Monday only :D), I gotta enjoy my weekend. It will be a fantastic time to procrastinate too!!!

(Yes this is Blog 1, I'm not THAT good)

{Song in My Head}
~Club Villain by Ray William Johnson~
      "And Voldemort greeted Vadar with a fist bump,
           While checking Mystiques' ass next to Chris Brown.
                Wait, Chris Brown?
                      Somebody's gotta throe that dude outta here!"


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