Monday, August 30, 2010

A song I wrote: On My Own

Yo, Ramblings readers!

I decided to dabble in song writing :) I wrote all this last month but kept pushing it back due to time constraints and other topics.

I've got both the lyrics and music worked out but being a total music n00b, I cannot pen down the sheet music .

Ah, well. Enjoy!!

(A/N Each section contains 2 paragraphs, ex, 2 paragraphs of chorus, 2 paragraphs of bridge, etc)

Was it me?
Did I push you away?
What did I do to make you think,
That it’s ok to desert me?

Could it be?
That you don’t want me anymore,
And you just walked right out the door,
And left me crying behind you.

You said you will always be there with me,
You said that you would go through hell for me,
Well, you lied.

I don’t know you anymore,
Now I don’t want anything to do with you,
I’d rather go through life alone…
Than with you.

Where were you, when I called for you?
Where were you, when I cried for you?
I can’t believe how you can be,
So selfish toward me.

You left me behind in the cold,
To fend for myself.
To be a forgotten child,
To never be able to look you in the eye.

(Repeat chorus)

When I’ve lost all my battles,
When I am down with my weakness.
I will be on my own,
You will never be there for me.

When I’m feeling inconsolable,
When I need an arm around me.
I will be on my own,
You won’t be there for me.

I’m on my own,
On my own,
On my own.
You won’t be there for me.

(Repeat chorus)

On my own,
I’m on my own,
You won’t be there for me,
On my own.

(c) Nicole Wong, Ramblings

Whatcha think? :) It's a little emo I know but I got this inspiration when reading Street Boys by Lorenzo Carcattera. I wondered how would those children felt being abandoned by their parents in a time of such great need. But then I couldn't stop myself from inserting a little of my rebelious streak :P

However, this is my own interpretation. The book isn't like that (If it were, I wouldn't read it XP). The boys fight back and kill several grown ups.

Yeah, I'm sadistic

Look out for my next song, I'm in the middle of writing it. The title: A Dirty Mind Is A Bad Thing To Waste :X

Monday, August 23, 2010

5S2009 Reunion

Last Saturday, 14 former classmates gathered in Shabu One at Lot 10 to celebrate their class reunion.

Wow, I sound so formal up there XD Need a better intro..... Oh! How about...

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, 14 people in their late teens went on a journey across the galaxy in search of...... Shabu One Restaurant.........

Eh, no. Too Star Wars-y

Hmmm..... How about:

Last Saturday, a bunch of us Ex-Connaughtions gathered in Shabu One for a reunion. We had joy, we had fun, we had lotsa, lotsa food!!


As you can see from my 3 introductions, I'm pretty bored right now. I'm still fantasizing about prawns, honey chicken wings, durian ice cream and semi-cooked beef. MMMmmmmm

(A/N OK I've not only been bored, T've been busy and procrastinating too ^^. I'm only human!)

In Shabu One, steamboat was the main dish. However, they had some food already prepared for those (me!) who are too lazy to wait for the steamboat to cook.....

Honey Barbecued Chicken Wing..... Delicious.....

Crab . First thing to cook, last thing to eat.
Shabu One Signature Sauce.

King sauce, sesame oil, parsley, spring onion and quail egg

Because we had so many people, we had to split between 2 tables

One table

Other table.
Notice tha sausage in Seng Heng's chopstick. Me and Keng Lim had fun with it hehhehehee. You guys know how some food will expand when boiled in water. Well, I said that was Seng's long lost "weiner" expanded 10x ^^

Sam drinking red bean soup with a ladle. He finished with 2 ladle fulls ><

The aftermath. Alice looks so stuffed!

Group picture!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Too Much

Egads!!! Haven't blogged in a while!! I have been so freakin busy! This week i have to submit an assignment and have a Math Exam!!! I started the assignment 2 days before the submission date and started studying for maths at the same time........ Damn, I got 4 hours of sleep yesterday.......

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh <--- That was my face falling on the keyboard (I have a very sharp nose).

At least those two are done with but next week...... NEXT WEEK!!!! Chemistry on Monday, Maths DI on Tues and Weds, Biology on Friday!!!! T.T And I haven't started studying yet.

I don't think I have enough time to study...... Saturday is my class reunion and Sunday is my relax and do nothing day...... I am so lazy........

Friday, August 13, 2010

Lucky Friday 13th

I knew IT!!!

Friday 13th is one of the luckiest day in the world! For me at least :)

The day started nice enoug. Since the teacher already finished the syllabus, i had first period off. Which means I can sleep longer and have a decent breakfast for once. Yay!!!!

And the best part, class ended 2 hours earlier too!!!

Because of that, I had lunch with dad and mum. They asked me to choose a place for lunch.....

I have always wanted to go to this place Souled Out ever since a friend mentioned it to me a few months back. Only catch, $$$. So naturally, I suggested there......

The interior was cozy


Top to bottom: Beef Noodle, Nasi Lemak and Fettuccine Carbonara

Lava Cake


This was the peak of my luckiness (Is that even a word?? :P)

That night, i got slightly luckier, my mum's usual inedible porridge was actually good for once. (But then she got me by making me teach her how to make a graph on excel. Took 30 mins to get her to understand that you need to make a table first.......)

And last but not least, daddy chose this day to wear his pink office shirt.... Yeah....... And his new Blackberry wall paper was, get this, a blue butterfly with a PINK cherry. YEAH........ I had a LOT to talk about during lunch.......

Btw, Fettuccine Carbonara at Souled Out, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

You gotta love Rick Riordan

There is a new book coming soon :)

The new Camp Half Blood series is continueing with The Lost Hero!!!


After saving Olympus from the evil Titan lord, Kronos, Percy and friends have rebuilt their beloved Camp Half-Blood, where the next generation of demigods must now prepare for a chilling prophecy of their own:

Seven half-bloods shall answer the call,

To storm or fire the world must fall.

An oath to keep with a final breath,

And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death.

The top is the cover of the UK edition, the bottom is the US one :) Which do you guys think is better? :P I like the US edition cause the dragon looks cooler.

The Lost Hero comes out on October 12th!!!

Also, the final 39 Clues book is coming out at the end of this month :) Scholastic has already begun the countdown. I would put the book cover here but I can;t seen to find it :( Oh well......

PS: Kane Chronicles has come out for some time now, yet I haven't bought it. Its all Popular and Times fault. They have the Puffin edition of the book and the cover looks so freakin HORRIBLE!!! I want the Scholastic one!!!

PSS: I started reading Twilight.

No I have not gone mad.

If you see the side bar, you can see that I added a new link "Anti-Twilight".

It's this blogger torturing himself to blog the books to us smart people who cannot stomach Shmeyer. He also blogs about what he thinks about the book in hes own twisted way. And he hates Bella!!!!

Here's a small bit of Dan Bergstein's blog:

"If Edward had changed into a vampire when he was 60, would he still be lusting after 18-year-old Bella? And are you OK with that? Really? What if he was a vampire at the age of six? So watching an 18-year-old make out with a six-year-old is totally cool because they are true loves?"


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Must Kill Poachers

I was working on a new blog entry yeaterday and was planning to finish up today. But something in the papers caught my eye and compelled me to put aside that previous entry for this.

This was taken fron TheStarOnline

X-rated egg rush in Terengganu

Illegal sale: Some of the turtle eggs being sold at the Pasar Besar Kedai Payang in Kuala Terengganu.

KUALA TERENGGANU: Market traders here are openly selling endangered turtle eggs, much to the shock and dismay of the state authorities.

While the Pasar Payang central market traders are enjoying brisk sales of the Green Turtle (Chelonia Mydas) eggs, State Agriculture and Agro-based committee chairman Ashaari Idris intends to get to the bottom of the illegal business.

“I am really shocked that the market traders are selling eggs collected from the beaches of Terengganu. Previously, they only sold eggs from Indonesia.

“We must catch the culprits supplying them,” he said.

Under the law, only licensed collectors are allowed to harvest the eggs which must be sold to the Fisheries Department, which then sends the eggs to incubators to be hatched.

Ashaari said he would direct his officers to check whether poaching was rampant as it could have a dire effect on the turtle landings on local beaches.

He also stressed that the belief that turtle eggs could improve sexual prowess was a myth. This, however, has failed to stop couples wanting to revive their flagging sex lives from buying the eggs.

Salleh Solat, who has been trading at the market for over two decades, said he had buyers from as far as Kuala Lumpur.

He sells the Green Turtle eggs at RM30 for a packet of 10 and said he could get double or triple the price during off-season.

“There is a huge demand for these eggs as they can also be used to treat asthma and backaches,” he claimed.

He added that he previously sold eggs supplied from Sabah and Indonesia but there was now a great demand for Terengganu eggs.

This was because the locally laid eggs can be obtained for sale within a few hours of collection and therefore fresher, compared with eggs from elsewhere which took about two weeks to reach here.

Salleh said he got his supplies from two agents, but declined to name them.

The endangered Green Turtle is the largest hard-shelled sea turtle in the world. Females lay their eggs at night in a process that takes two hours, each time laying 110 to 115 eggs.

The leatherback and Olive Ridley turtles are already said to be close to extinction in Terengganu while the number of Hawksbill and Green Turtles has also plunged drastically.

It has been reported that a leading cause for the decline of turtle species is egg consumption.


What the heck is wrong with these people??? Eggs to improve sex life?? Haven't they heard of a little blue pill called Viagra? In the newspaper, it is also stated that many believe that turtle eggs can cure asthma....... Honestly, how stupid can people get?

This brings me back to a few months ago when the same paper reported that turtle eggs were served during a government function in Terengganu. Did the chef think that a few of the MPs have poor sex lives? Or did he want to cure some random MP's asthma? Bastard

I hope the authorities catch the asshole behind this. I would love to have a go at him. Also I would like to put a face to the reason the turtle population is declining so, when my kid ask me why there are no more turtles, I would point at the guy and say :" It's because of THIS bastard."

Biology time!

Some people ask "What's the difference? Turtles lay so many eggs, it's ok to eat a few."

The problem is that people don't just eat "a few". People are greedy and are willing to sacrifice a whole year's supply of eggs for money.

And the reason turtles lay so many eggs is because turtles are the world's worst parents. They do not care for the babies. The babies are left to fend for themselves and only 1 in 100 will reach sexual maturity. Btw, the time a turtle takes to reach sexual maturity is 10 years!

Think about this people, everytime you eat a turtle egg you might just be setting back the turtle's population recovery time another 10 years.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Birthday followyourstomach :)

I just noticed something......

I have been blogging for over a year!!!

This is the only thing NOT MANDATORY that I have stuck to for over a year!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dorian Gray

I wanna watch Dorian Gray

Ben Barnes looks delicious in it

Sorcerer's Apprentice


That's what I have to say about Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Nicolas Cage was awesome!!! He's so hott!!

I feel like a crazed twitard, except I am intelligent and appreciate good acting XP

Doesn't he look gorgeous in that fedora and leather overcoat


Special effect were totally awesome. Thanks to the great Jerry Bruckheimer

Love the special effects, up there, Balthazar producing a cute little fireball

Plasma ball

Another plasma ball

See that intense look of concentration on his face, NOW THAT'S GREAT ACTING :)

Another notable character was Jay Baruchel. The dude is in a couple of other movies that I remember: Trophic Thunder, She's Out of My League and How To Train Your Dragon.

A thing you must know about Baruchel is that he keeps his nasally voice no matter what movie he is in (kinda like Sean Connery but more annoying and less sexy).

The weird part is that everytime Balthazar said his name, I always expected him to call him Hiccup :P

The Mopping scene was epic!

As for the story, well, it wasn't Cage's best one ever. Storyline was a little shallow. The plot is complex but easy to understand unless you have the IQ of a twitard.

Who am I forgetting......... Oh yeah


Alfred Molina is the dastardly Horvath! He's the perfect villian as he is evil to everyone! Even the other less notably villians are no match to him! MUahahahahah!!

Best of all, he's a villian with a wicked sense of humour :)

Sure there were other actors. But none of them stand out.

So what are you waiting for. Watch Sorcerer's Apprentice NOW!
I last pic before I end.