Monday, April 11, 2011

Nordic Brothers FTW

So what do I blog about today? Hmmm...... Running out of ideas here...

I know!! HETALIA!!!!! (Pssst! If you're not interested, jump to the end for an awesome song!)

Yeah, you can call me obsessed!!!

I recently watched the latest episode where the Nordics are featured. THE NORDICS!!!! YAY!!!! It's about freaking time too XD And they get a whole 5 minutes!!!

Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland!!
(Pssst! If you wanna the who's who of hetalia go to this site :D. Character bios FTW!!!)

The DNA scenario was finally animated!!!!! I've been waiting so long!!!

Each Nordic country also has a full frame feature!!

Ice is mad! And he has a right to be!!

Sweden is not amused. Ever. Damn that face.... Love.

Don't act innocent Denmark! Tamest picture ever! He's usually a freak with expressions.
Dang it, Finland has one of the moe-est face! (After Lichtenstein)

Those eyes...... They stare into my soul....

And this thing.... I want a puffin .....
 Basically, Iceland is being a huffy prissy. He had a DNA test to confirmed whether Norway is his brother

Ack! Fin and his Sweater-vest! 

Which he is >:D And he's not happy about it! I wonder why......

Denmarks hair..... I dunno whether I want to laugh or drool......
I think I'll drool...

There was an Icelandic legend that Icelandic monks settled first in Iceland but recent studies show that the oldest inhabitants of Iceland were actually from Norway. It was uninhibited prior....

Awww, and he wanted to be special....

Yeah Ice, we all wanna be special. But you're the only character with a puffin dude!!!
That's plenty special!!
I want that jug of beer too...
Denmark was like: "I knew you two had to be brothers! You have so many weird and creepy friends in common." He also said that he was the oldest brother among the Nordics...... until Norge strangled him

Hahahhaha!!! Yes! Another picture for my NorwayxDenmark collection!
I love this pairing !!!

Denmark is still dying :) And Fin is such a pussy XD
 I love how Sweden stays cool throughout the scene. And remains the most rational one, more in-tune with Ice's feelings and whatnot.

And then something creepy happens....

Onii-chan. Onii-chan. Onii-chan....
That's a creepy ghost. Norway can be scary when he wants to XD Don't mess with Norway or Iceland man, most Nordic fairy tales come from Norway and many have said that Iceland is Hell's doorway..... Many weird and creepy friends indeed......

Apparently, Ice had promised Norge that he would call him Onii-chan if they were real siblings. Which they are..

Ahh!!! Chibi Nordics!!! Chibi Swe is so cute with his serious face!
 Denmark is imagining Ice saying it like a little kid. Awww.....

I just wanna squeeze his cheeks!!!
Even Swe agrees. Swe doen't joke man, everything he says is true and should be regarded as such! Then all the others also want Ice to call them onii-chan! So cute!!!

Even the moe is picking on you, Ice! Defend yourself!
Ice is still being prissy. His explanation? Since they are all adults now it wouldn't be appropriate. And Norge wouldn't even like it, right?

Best. Norge. Pic. Ever!!!
 Nope, Norge enjoys it XD NOW HURRY UP AND SAY ONII-CHAN!!!

Another chibi Ice!!!
 Cursing won't get you anywhere Ice. Just. Say. IT!!!

I love the way Norge pesters Ice XD I want him to whisper "onii-chan' in my ear too ;A;



Ack! Is there Belarus blood in Norge too!? SCARY.....
 And being the self-proclaimed big brother, Denmark proposes a compromise. Ice would always buy the drinks until he says it!! What a cool brother to have, ain't he...

Dat face.
 Ice gets pissed and start to leave. Come to think of it, brothers are a pain as well...

Denmark's face :D compared to Swe's whose expression never changes o_o
 Come on Icey, can't you feel the brotherly love in the air?


DAWWWWWWW!!! He said it!!!

In Hetalia language, this is "Fuck you guys." In a gentle tone of course.
 Ice doesn't like it but I DO!! Kawaii~~~

That was one of the best ever! And it isn't a real episode either, it's an episode 49 extra since the new season doesn't premier till September. I love this fandom. And to show my love, I'll post the picture of the Nordics again!


*Explosive nosebleeds!*

{Song in My Head}
~ März by Megaherz ~

      "Augen auf!- Wer sieht, versteht, (Eyes open! - Who sees, understands,)
           Wie gnadenlos die zeit vergeht; (How mercilessly time passes;)
                Wie sich der zeiger dreht unentwegt, (How the hand turns continously,)
                     Er steht nie still... (It never stands still...)"

(I love this song, especially when I see the English lyrics along with it. This song  is one of the best I have ever heard...) Need help with the first line though... Mel?


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