Friday, April 15, 2011


The Throne of Fire comes out next month!!!

Rick Riordan is going on tour to promote his book in thr US..... Nooooooesss!!! Come to Australia Rick TT.TT I wanna meet you. But then, even if he came I couldn't afford the book anyway... $23.90 = RM72. Not. Fun. But I can't wait for this book!! I've already read extracts, here and here. I needs this nao!!!!

I can't even afford his latest book: Vespers Rising.

A prequel to the original 39 Clues series, documenting the history of the four Cahill siblings and another scheming family, the Vespers. I want it so bad even when I haven't even read the entire 39 Clues Series yet. Fuck. Of of the 10 books, I've read only 7, I wanted to find this book in the library but sadly, they dont have it. Double Fuck!

At the very least, Melbourne U library had books that I was desperate to read for ages :D

I have been desperate to read John Green's books since I discovered nerdfighteria (DFTBA!). Here I can!

Looking for Alaska is a great book. It has the perfect balance of teenage angst, love and humour, telling the story of a young boy who remembers the last words of famous people. John Green is an expert at telling a story by first person. You feel like you're in the character's head and can tell how he is feeling, even without John Green telling you. Fantastic book!!

Second book was An Abundance oF Katherines. It tells the story of a child prodigy who only dates girls named Katherine, after getting dumped by Katherine no. 19, he then proceeds to construct a formula of his relationships, his Eureka! moment. The best part of this book is the languages, the main character, Colin and his best friend are multi-lingual, therefore, they tend to mix a lot of foreign words in their speech, I've learnt so many foreign curse words :) Can't wait to put them in good use..... hehehe

No. 3 is Paper Towns. This was my least favourite book :/ Don't hate me nerdfighters! I just didn't think It was that good. Sorry.... The book started out good. A murder and a prank is always a good way to start ;) But after that it was just angst after angst after angst. I really hate teenage angst, moderation is good but if a character is gonna go on and on about something for pages, I'd rather not read it. However, this book will pull you in with it's engaging storyline, but unlike the main character, you just wanna kill everyone in the novel. Or was it just me?

By far the best book! Will Grayson, Will Grayson was the collaboration of John Green with David Levithan, some author I don't know. This was a story that featured both authors writing each chapter from the point of view of different characters, both named Will Grayson. With a perfect balance of humour and love, this book it tops on my "Books to re-read" list.

Yay! I'm so happy!

Oh, the book I'm current reading is The Fire Thief by Terry Deary. Don't let the funny name fool you, he's a fantastic author! Here, he tells the tale of Prometheus, a titan chained to the rock until he made a bet with Zeus, find a human hero or die permanently. Prometheus then time travels to the 19th Century, where the world has gone ugly and choked. Satire and gore is a great combination and Deary brings it in full here, especially in the footnotes, where the supposed 'author' explains about what he just wrote. I'm still in the middle of this XD I found out about this book when I went book-hunting in MPH 2 years back, I couldn't afford it then and when I came back for it, it was sold out. But now I can read! Yay!!! Also a perfect Greek Mythology fix for myself as well.

Next on my reading list: Finish Fire Thief series and start on Tunnels series by Roderick Gordon.

Now if Terry Deary and Rick Riordan would write a book together, my life would be complete!

{Song in My Head}
~Europa by Globus~
     "Empires built, and nations burned,
          Mass graves remain unturned;
               Descendants of the dispossessed,
                    Return with bombs strapped to their chests..."


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