Saturday, April 16, 2011


Ya know, you gotta love Australia, they are willing to do street performance for money. I've seen people sing, breakdance and even have a band performance on the street! I also saw a small girl plying the trumpet, SO CUTE!!!

But no act can surpass this guy.

Not only did he ask for a 10-year old volunteer, he gave the boy knives, 3 to be exact .

At least he's doing his act in front of a church. God may take pity on him.

Knife suspended in time
This dude would make an awesome parent!! He asked to boy to THROW 3 KNIVES AT HIM!!!! Oh, did I mention he was 10 feet in the air too? On buckets.

Scared.... So scared....

Someone is changing his mind right now. LAWL. He almost missed 1 knife, it was about an inch from his chest when he caught it. Accidental or intentional? I don't want to know.

One more!
Juggling knives 10 feet in the isn't dangerous enough for this dude. Naturally, he has do do it on a super small bucket as well.

Does it make me an evil person if I was chanting "Fall, fall, fall" throughout his act? Nah...

Awesome pictures are awesome!

Yay! He did it! This is why I love photography. Watching it in person is good, but when seeing snapshots of the event, you really can see how dangerous it is. That and you're really respecting the guy who has the balls to do this!!! And hope he fails miserably!!

I took this picture too!! Cute kids watching dangerous acts!! Middle Eastern children are so adorable but why is it when they grow up they become so ghastly!?

{Song in My Head}
~Rise Above This by Seether~

      "Take the light, and darken everything around me
           Call the clouds and listen closely, I'm lost without you
                Call your name every day when i feel so helpless
                     I'm fallin' down but I'll rise above this..."


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