Monday, May 16, 2011

Missionettes Testimony and Eurovision Review

Hey, I’m Nicole. I have been attending Missionettes since I was 4 when the Rainbows program just started; it was during that time where I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. Missionettes has been a wonderful journey. The weekly lessons have been useful and informative. Not only do we learn about God and the Bible, we were also taught God’s views on girly stuff like cooking and grooming and later, about studies, jobs and dating.

For many years, Missionettes has been my only contact with church. Since my parents only attended the 5pm service, I had to choose between service and Missionettes. Obviously I chose the less boring option! It was only when Missionettes was moved to 2.30 when I started attending the NX service regularly. However, despite not going to regular service, I have come to understand the word of God through regular lessons and how I need to apply it to my daily life. The open environment makes it easier to share and the sponsors were understanding and have instilled the love of God in my heart. I used to think that going to church was just a routine every Sunday, but eventually I looked forward to it each and every week, wondering what new things I would learn.

My proudest moment was in Missionettes when the Girls Only adapted a skit I had written. It really gave me a boost in my confidence in writing. Seeing my fellow classmates perform it on stage in front of an audience was exhilarating especially since it was my first written skit. I thank God for giving me the inspiration and also the courage to show my script to Sponsor Maryann who was supportive and most of all patient since I was a slow writer….

Right now, I’m studying in the University of Melbourne in Australia. It was a last minute decision that was only confirmed 2 months before the term was scheduled to start. Living away from home alone in another country is hard. Being a Malaysian, I miss the food more than I miss the people, especially Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai and Teh Tarik. The culture I can get used to but the food doesn’t feel the same. However, my hunger for God has remained unchanged. I still want to know more.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” This was the scripture verse for the Girls Only Club, I never really understood this verse when I first read it, but now the meaning is very clear. I put God first in everything I do, whether for my studies or my social life. There are times when I feel God has abandoned me, but somehow I know that that’s the time when he’s with me the most, all I have to do is turn to Him. God truly provides for his children.

Being so far away, I am unable to attend Girls Only this year and also I regret that I won’t be graduating from Missionettes with my fellow classmates. I wish all of you the best and I promise I’ll be there for the 35th Celebration.

This thing is one of the main reasons why I haven't posted in ages. This and about a thousand other assignments that I was procrastinating working on. And the worst part is I'm not even done!!! I still got 1 due this week, another due next week and one more 2000 word essay due next month!!!

I finally found something I hate more that exams. ASSIGNMENTS!!!!


And Finals are next month...... Damn.

Let's talk about something else shall we..... EUROVISION!! This year's winner was Azerbaijan. Yes, I know what you're thinking. WHERE THE HECK IS THAT!!?? I don't know either, and I'm too lazy to look it up on Google Maps...

Personally, I don't like this song. I preferred Georgia's One More Day (9th place), Macedonia's Ruskina (Russian Girl,didn't make it past the Semis) and Finland's Da Da Dam (21st place) even though I thought Finland's song didn't really fit in Eurovision.....




Germany, last year's winner, was a HUGE dissapointment. I liked their song "Satellite" last year and felt that they totally deserved the win. But "Taken By A Stranger" was an especially risky song, sure, it was a nice song but try to outshine yourself Lena, she was so mild this year....

Italy got 2nd place this year. That is all. Didn't like their song.

Of the top 5, 3rd placed Sweden definitely my favourite! "Popular" was such a cute song and I can picture 7 year olds singing to this. Also, cause Eric Saade is so @#*%#^*^ cute!

Special mention to 5th place Denmark with their song "A New Tomorrow". This song was really inspirational, sweet and so damn awesome! LOVE IT!!

AND CONGRANTS TO UK FOR NOT GETTING TOP 10 THIS YEAR!!! Seriously, the number of almost wins UK has you would think they would have given up by now XD I admit, I was a Blue fangirl back when they were popular, but the song wasn't that good. True, it had the same inspirational tone like Finland and Denmark, put paled in comparison to the other entries...... sad really.......


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