Friday, September 30, 2011

Rainy days

In my last blog I complained that Melbourne's weather was getting hotter and hotter and I was melting.

Well, it seems that Melbourne weather reads my blog because it has been raining EVERYDAY this week.

And needless to say...... I'M SO HAPPY!!!!

Yep. I may come off like a bitch for complaining so much but the fact is, if I'm complaining that it's too hot and dry then when it's the complete opposite like this week, YAY!!!! I'm not a TOTAL ass, just part!

Singing in the Rain, I'm singing in the rain;
What a glorious feeling, I'm happy as can be.

I love it when it rains. Not only does it make me appreciate the warmth provided by my blanket, the air seems so crisp and fresh right after a storm.

Plus, it gives me a good excuse to wear my boots! And jump into puddles!! I feel like a kid again~~ Well, MORE of a kid XD

However, I think the main reason why I love this weather is cuz of the cold. Coming from a tropical country like Malaysia, you would think I would fall apart when it goes below 20, but for some weird reason, I have always had a tolerance for cold weather, it's better than my tolerance for heat anyway......

Or it may be the fact that this is as Malaysian as the weather would get. Though I detest Malaysia's heat, I love it when it's wet! Back home, I've been trained to turn off the TV and internet during a thunderstorm, for obvious reasons. So, a thunderstorm means "No technology time" and I kinda like that. Rainstorms means time for myself, time for doing things I usually don't have time to do. Reading during the rain in my opinion is one of the best activity to do when it pours. There's something about the rain that makes whatever book I'm reading more vivid. It's fantastic!

Melbourne doesn't rain that often. Thunderstorms are rare. Sigh.....

PS: I got an email fromm by book site. They;ve already dispatched Son of Neptune. I'll be getting it somewhere next week!! LOVE!!!

{Song in my Head}
~Beauty by Brian Cox~
      "And it might,
           Be slightly different from the things that you may know;
                You can’t deny,
                     There’s something special when you see the night sky glow......"


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