Saturday, September 24, 2011

Old Shows, New Books

This week was so freaking hot. I thought I was gonna melt into the pavement.

Seriously, it felt like 30 degrees out there. Not. Cool. And it wasn't the "Hot in the sun, cool in the shade" thing. It was fucking hot everywhere. I went out with a Malaysian-style thin tee and slippers and was still burning.

I wonder how I would hold on when I'm back in Malaysia.........

In other news, this month September is AWESOME! Not only did season 2 of My Little Pony premiered last Saturday, Glee is on and so is The Big Bang Theory! Along with watching Fairy Tail and Beelzebub, I'm not gonna get an work done for the next few months. Oh well~~

 Glee was AWESOME! Best opening episode eva!!! It boiled down Glee to it's basics that we know and love and Blaine out of his Dalton uniform and in bowties and skinny jeans. Grr..... And I want ALL songs in my phone stat!

I love the herd. MLP:FiM is not a show for snotty-nose kids anymore. I love everything about the show, it's characters, it's appeal and it's plot! Not to mention that the values and lessons theme did not completely overshadow the whole show. <3


Also, I bought 3 new books today, all crime novels, two of which has medical themes to it. :D Robin Cook is responsible for my obsession for medical thrillers... But what I really want (and need) is Son of Neptune!!

Son of Neptune is only due next month (or more appropriately 2 weeks!), but to keep us on our toes; Rick Riordan had been slowly introducing characters from the book. That man is an evil genius, dangling that book in front of me..... I WANT IT SO BAD!!


I'm dying~~

{Song in my Head}
~Never  Let You Go by Dima Bilan~
      "Cold champagne we forgot to pour,
           Baby now it's happened with us;
                We're dancing on broken glass,
                     Can't stand no more...."


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