Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Week So Far

First week back. Everything is gonna back to normal. No more drama practice. No more almost empty bags. No more missing classes. No more staying back. Damn. This isn't normal. No more long nails for me. The boys have to cut their hair, for some strange reason, everyone of them look different now. Especially Adam, whose mum forced him to shave. Jeremy looks like John on a crash diet. Oh well.

ELS is gonna do a drama during Bulan Patriotisme. Well, we might. We still have to race with Persatuan BM. Seems like only one of the clubs can perform. IT's hard to imagine their our competition.....since the entire PBM has only FOUR members!!! I would kill myself if we lose to them. Well, not really but I'll be really MAD!!! *Takes five to calm down and comes back with a new topic*

Next Monday, there will be a new Head Prefect. Oh dear. It could me
an further improvements in school or a further downward spiral. My fear is that is will be that bragging guy whom I have not bothered to remember his name. Jeremy Toh knows who is it, his father too. When asked he gave 2 responses. First, "P & C". Second, "Drama rocks" (he meant it as a hint). Evil git. But he did give another more helpful hint.

CW - Ketua is CY, Penolong is Syahida and Ben.
Jer - You are 0% correct.


Last Friday, Esther came for a visit. Yay!!! She bought a round of Milo Ais (5). It was especially special for Mel who hasn't had a sip of Milo for 18 months!!

Drinks are served

This pic is especially for Adam

Sweet memories........

I went to a cafe yesterday, food wasn't that good but i saw something cute!!!!

The kitty was sitting down and staring!!!

~How can you not pity that~

Aww, pity me!!

I gave it food after this look.

Last but not least, I found these videos. Love them so much!!!!

Chris Daughtry actually sounds nicer live. This version of No Surprise is sooooo much better than the original

Once again soooo much better than original.


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