Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Morning Assembly

Today is the best assembly ever. No kidding. I especially liked Radiah's speech today. Awesome. She was extra loud. Complaining about the usual stuff. Us. It's that ridiculous "selamat pagi pn radiah" crap. But today the speech woke me up!! Let me quote her......

"Yang bising pun la tak pandai!!!"

What she didn't seem to notice was that SHE was the noisiest one in tha hall. And this quote seem to fit a bunch of other teachers......

"Sekolah lain panggil cikgu perempuan, Umi dan cikgu lelaki, Abi."
"Mereka panggil guru disiplin perempuan, Bonda dan guru disiplin lelaki, Ayahanda."
Mereka panggil pengetua, Principal. Kenapa tak panggil nenek?"

YES!!! An awasome new name for Radiah!! NENEK!!! Lolz. I don't know what is going on in that school. Maybe there was a lot of inbreeding. IDK. Imagine calling the teachers mum and dad. Gross.

This s almost as good as last time when she said: "Don't waste your time doing stupid things!!!" Lol.

In another issue, the Unleashed fashion competition was last week. Almost everyone I know said it sucked. Especially Ace. She had a whole paper of comments that you can read in her blog.

Crap is that the time!!?? Gotta go.


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