Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Drama Competition at VI

The verdict is in. SMKTC lost. 3rd was St John followed by VI. The champions were SBS. Oh well. At least it wasn’t VI again. The giants finally fell!!!! But….. I still say that it was unfair that St John won because their drama was sooooo boring. Nothing remotely interesting happened and there were a lot of unnecessary actors. Bias…… Anyway here’s a summary of the day.

We arrived at the VI, our hearts in our throats and butterflies in our stomachs. Since we were the first team to perform we had to get ready early. I had my hair done up and had an inch of makeup on my face – all to complete the aunty look. Sorry, no pictures……To calm my nerves, I had a Snickers bar. Mmmm….. the high, no, the euphoria only chocolate can provide. I also had ‘No Boundaries’ (the Adam Lambert version) played in my head over and over again. Finally, it was time to begin!!!

Team 1 (SMKTC)

Like Yakob Latif, everything seemed to go so fast. One second it was the first scene, then at the next we were all bowing. Wow.

Team 2 (St John)

The drama had a play within a play concept. Problem was that they were soft and the scenes seemed jumbled up. Like I said before, there were a bunch of unnecessary actors that seem to pull the plot down, if it could go any lower……. The only interesting person was Abu, in the beginning of the drama, he went up on stage to accept an “award” on behalf of his late brother. After a line or so he froze on the spot while the drama continued. He stayed frozen in that hunched position for 15 minutes!!! When it was finally time for his line, you could see him cramping and trying to talk smoothly…

Team 3 (VI)

Pn Lim enjoyed this one. I knew this would win because theirs was centered around literature. The judges were, of course, English teachers therefore they loved it too. We on the other hand were bored. The only nice part was the poem in the beginning, after that is was talking, talking and talking. Funny, yes, but still boring. The best character was a fat boy named Skinny.

Team 4 (Tmn Desa)

This was the worst drama of them all. Not only was the drama lousy, the moral sucked too. It was like this: an Indian couple looking for a suitor for their daughter, found one, then discovered that their daughter had a “white” boyfriend. They explained to her that their guy is much better but daughter didn’t want to hear it. “Whitey” then flirts with other gals and daughter went back crying to the parent’s arms. Moral: Our parents are always right, white guys are flirts and arranged marriages are good. Lame……. How they won the interschool is a mystery to me……. Best of the Worst…… The only good actress was the maid. Though she never said a word, she was the only entertaining one. She would steal the show whenever she entered. With her there, the drama was at least bearable. Also, Whitey’s name was Jeremy so we had a fun time every time that name came up.

Team 5 (I forgot which school this was)

After a short hiatus, team five performed their drama. It was set in 1962 Malaya so we thought there will be a patriotic theme. We were wrong. It started with a play within a play, the final chapter of Romeo & Juliet, then boring lines about love, blah blah blah, then a girl slitting her wrist with a pen, “I love Adam!” We had a fun time jeering Adam at that one. It ended with…….well……I don’t know how it ended since I couldn’t hear anything. Whatever. It seemed like the 1962 date was only an excuse to wear clothes from that era, along with the word groovy……..

Team 6 (SBS)

This was another play within play, but unlike Yaakob Latif, they weren’t as in your face as before. Oh well, the judges liked it.

Team 7 (Convent Sentul)

The only one worth watching was that ghost girl. She was acting like a little kid complete with a lollipop! Oh yeah, the drama was about some kid named Ben, his mum & future stepdad buying a cake for the dad who died 5 years ago. It was kinda boring.

Team 8 (Wangsa Maju)

This was one of the drama that I actually liked, though I still don’t get what is the deal with the first scene. It was about a father, he was killed in an accident and death showed him his past, abusing his mum, wife & kid. Death looked like a witch and they said she was my hair and makeup rival. Lol. Her makeup was cool. I wanted a picture with her...… But I still don’t get the apple. When she first appeared, she was holding an apple & a walking stick, then is was gone, then is reappeared at her last scene. She then placed the apple on the floor and never picked it up again. My first thought when I saw her was Evil Queen from Snow White, then I got the impression of Desperate Housewives. Nevermind, good play anyway. Oh yeah, husband was also 3 inches shorter than wife!!!! Lol.

While the judges were deliberating, there were some….err…..interesting performances. First it was VI boys performing silat, then their PA died on them. While waiting for it to be fixed, Pn Shanti had all the drama teachers up in front and everyone applauded them. When the PA was fixed, VI continued. There was also some piano playing & beatboxing. Those were at least better. Also there was some guy whose voice haven’y broke doing ballet. He wasn’t exactly slim, and that made the whole thing funny. Finally the was a sing-a-long, Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours.

After the judges announced the results, VI got the best script and SBS got the best actor for Kayla, we went back to school. That was the quietest bus ride ever. Later, me, Mel, Chern Wei, Iven & Ben-Jie went to McD for Heart Attack Combo 2 with a cup of coke between us.

That’s about it, the competition was more boring than the interschool because there were less errors. (I still remember sign-nature lol) Mel at least got here wish of no Hakka Dance. Oh well. Better luck next year SMKTC. Victory is Ours!!!

PS: Sorry no pictures :(


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