Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Prefectorial Board 2009/2010

The results are in. Soon, there will be a new reign of terror headed by our very own Lim Ben-Jie. Whether it’s good news or bad news depends on how seriously he takes his new post. Right now he’s probably jumping for joy, yelling at the top of his lungs or belching out yesterday’s dinner. If his victory hasn’t sunk in yet, he’ll probably do it on his first day on stage as *drumrolls* Head Prefect. Here is the line up of the Prefectorial Board 2009/2010….

Head Prefect

Lim Ben-Jie


Nur Syahida

Yao Chun

Pengerusi Disiplin

Edbert Chia


Chin Yung


Here it is Connaughtions. Your new leaders. May their reign have mercy on your souls.

9 out of 11 teachers voted for Ben. I’m guessing one of the two is Pn Usha, since she once said “The prefects in my class are useless,” or something like that. Fact: Ben is one of the tallest person to be head (6 ft). As you know, our previous few heads are, how do I put this nicely, vertically challenged.

As for the Penolong post , I kind of expected Syahida to get it since she’s likeable, well, more likable than the rest. As for the other guy, I finally remember his name!!! Thanks to Ben’s erm….. insightful way (Got D**k in Cantonese).

I’m actually surprised that Edbert got No. 4 since absolutely no one I know voted for him. Perhaps the teachers liked the way he reacted to the boos on that faithful day. Or it was perhaps that he jazzed up an otherwise routine and boring morning assembly today, “ Kehuluran ke…per…pfth…...pfth…….kelembagaan.” Oh yeah, he got a haircut too. It’s soooo much weirder than he’s previous one. Even Grace didn’t like his new hairstyle (and Grace likes the weirdest stuff). He now looks like a character from Restaurant City.

Now to the bottom of the pack. It was another surprise that Chin Yung got so low. That dude is really popular for some unknown reason and I expected him to get higher. Guess he lost a number of fans when he was bragging on stage, one thing’s for sure, Eric Moo’s successor is not happy about it. He was heard complaining about the decision. No details though. Damn. Shuba was the surprising last place finish, a place I intended Ed to get but well done anyway.

So here you are, the new Prefectorial board. I hope you Form 4s can tolerate where they will rule the school until next year. As for us Form 5’ers, we only have to put up with their nonsense for 3 months. Bye!!!


TheThinker said...

what do you mean by weird haircut Its just hair get over it it won't bite

Nikki said...

i know it's just hair but it doesn't make it any less weirder. lol

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