Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hari KoKo

Hari Kokurikulum. Damn boring day. At first it was toleralable since the drama team were gonna perform. Then, Patricia told us to cut our drama to 10 minutes. 10 MINUTES!!!!! Is she high?? Apparantly so. So, we all did what we thought was fair. Don't do the drama, if she wants us to cut it THAT SHORT we might as well won't do it.

Until we saw our replacement. That stupid 'patiotic' drama by Persatuan Bahasa Melayu (PBM). This sorry excuse of a drama was the reason why the ELS drama got cut. And it seems that there were 2 reasons why: (1) The drama is in BM and (2) The drama has only one scene with lines. I don't get how the teachers choose. The actors, if you can call them that, were as expressionless as a rock, except for the "small kid" who was actually nice to watch. The rest look as if they were either half asleep or constipating (XD). And the fact that they taped their lines didn't help. They couldn't come in correctly, half the time they weren't even in sync with the words. Then there were the parts where they were loitering on stage, unsure of where to go. SO UNPROFESSIONAL!!!

Anyway, the rest of the performance were repeated. Kelab Kebudayaan had 3 dances this thim, a Malay dance, a Chinese dance and a Muhibbah dance, a combination of malay, chinese and indian dance. Worth watching but still repeated. So was the wushu performance.

Overall, last Friday was a waste of time. The drama team got a measley amout of money and most didi not even attend. Iven was high on meds, Grace twisted her leg (her own words), Ben was busy getting H1N1 in Australia and Yen Yin went home halfway. Oh well. At least the after party was nice. The whole gang ate together and talked dirty. Ahh, sweet memories.......


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