Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Questions Answered

This thought has been burning my mind for days. HOW DID THAT FUCKING SUCK-UP GET THE JOB!!! I finally got the answer. I asked a prefect about it and he confirmed my suspicions.

"Chin Yung begged for the job. When he realized he couldn't get the head prefect post, he begged the teachers to give him a higher post. He even bragged about how being in a higher post can help the students. He just couldn't stand that he failed his interview"

Aha!!! The damn weasel is a power-hungry asshole. he doesn't deserve a place in this school!!

On Monday, Mr John talked about being mature and making the right decisions. Is it mature to not accept defeat when it is final! Is it mature to beg, no grovel on the floor because you cannot accept a decision?

Chin Yung, your childish and immature actions has seriously downgraded the quality of the prefects in this institution. You are NOT a born leader, a born leader can build a wall with the bricks thrown at him. You expect life to be easy and think everyone is below you. You should just quit SMKTC and go to someplace where they pick assholes to be KP. These are the reasons why anyone who has some form of intelligence shun you. This is why you are not head prefect.


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