Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh Dear.....

It's Sunday people. I've never hated a Sunday more. Oh well. I'm avoiding my books again.

This holiday sucked. The only good thing this week is finally getting my class t-shirt and haunted house.

Found instructions on how to make this while surfing. Easier than it looks AND CHEAP. If we can find the materials. The hardest thing, we need a PUMPKIN!! Wakakakakaka.

Has anyone seen the 1Malaysia commercial by Maybank, the one about ABC? That was soooo good, especially if you're me. Lolz. I wanted to go to the nearest mamak for ABC, which I did. Wakakakaka. I'm going crazy....... Blame it on the trials......

I'm not gonna enjoy the next month...... Back to Mafia Wars. Lolz.


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