Friday, August 7, 2009

Rise Of The Suck-Ups

Today I was gonna blog about the prefect's little initiation ceremony. But I'm not. Instead I'm gonna talk about the one sentence that made me lose all respect I have towards SMKTC's prefects.

THere I was, bored after all the speeches. It was time for the form 5s to give their post to the new board. Shuba went up to accept the Ketua Kebersihan Dan Keceriaan post. Ok. Then the line that made my blood boil.

"XXX akan bagi jawatan Ketua Keselamatan kepada Edbert Chia."


"YYY akan bagi jawatan Pengerusi Disiplin kepada Lim Chin Yung."

What the FUCK!!!!!!

On Monday it was confirmed that Ed got the Pengerusi Disiplin post while chin yung had the AJK Keselamatan. What the heck is going on!!!!!

I knew he had appealed for a higher post but I thought the teachers threw it out. As it turns out, yesterday the teachers-in-charge had switched their positions yesterday. They haad a meeting and decided to reverse the roles, giving chin yung the higher position WITHOUT TELLING ED!!! He was only was told AFTER the meeting by Jeremy. Worse still, Jeremy gave Ed a peptalk making him accept the decision on the spot!!! I asked another prefect about this decision and she had this to say,

"The teachers feel that chin yung has more potential to be ketua disiplin than Edbert."

Apparently the teachers didn't take into account that their new pengerusi disiplin is a suck-up, kiss ass, childish asshole!!! He literally begged for the job after losing out on the headboy post, as demonstrated by Ed in ELS today.

What ever happened to the teachers' decision is final? What happened to accepting defeat like a man? Do we really need a suck-up as a leader to look up to? How can we look up to leaders that we don't respect? Chin yung is being a baby about this prefectorial elections ever since the result came out. I saw him with Ben after school today. He was either kissing his ass or trying to get the headboy post, the weasel.

AND EDBERT!!!! That idiot didn't even fight back!!! After spending months with us you'd think some of the drama team's optimism would rub of on him. No such luck. He said that there was nothing to be done and appealing won't work WITHOUT EVEN TRYING TO APPEAL!!! Stupid git.....


TheThinker said...

relaxs lah just because I didn't fight back doesn't mean I'm weak. I probably didn't want the job anyway plz forgive me don't be mad

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