Saturday, August 15, 2009


OMG, I can't believe I'm saying this. But I am. GOTONG-ROYONG WUZ FUN!!!!!

I defected my class to join Mel's class with Iven. They were cleaning the outside ledge!!! ZOMG!! It was so exhilarating to be standing there and looking at all the ants working. Some said, "Be careful" but most said, "Don't kill yourself!!" Yay!!! Lol. Some of the things we found: 75 cents(Iven 50, Mel 25), pencil box with pens inside, lots of broken glass, gum that has been on the ledge for years and a pad(unused, thank God). Ahhh! We had fun breaking the window panes to smaller pieces to stuff in the plastic bag. PANG!!! Lolz

We also had to clean the canteen roof. You wouldn't believe the amount of plastic bottles there, 3 whole plastic bags. Full. Some had gone opaque and some slimey. Eww.

Anyway, the fashion is on today. Yawn. Notice the length or the "runway". Imagine the hall, then imagine the line of chairs starting at the second door. Verdict: the "runway" didn't even reach the second badminton court and the audience will be seated in front of the "runway" not at the sides like normal fashion shows. Pity those who had to sit behind.

The Exxon-mobile team this year sucks. Last year was way better. This year's exxon members are greedy, arrogant and insensitive bastards. They're too profit oriented. Like the fashion show for instance, you have to PAY to be a model, PAY to watch the contest, PAY to vote and PAY even if you're cut. No refund. It's pure profit. This is the future of Malaysian businessman. Ugh.

Have to wake up early for church tomorrow.Bye.


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