Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pengawas & Drama News

This'll be a short one since I'm sneaking internet time on my mum's computer.

Chin Yung was absent to day. Whether it's because of illness or otherwise is unknown. That boy probably emo'ed more often than usual judging by his latest blog post.

The blue shirts are now divided. On one side, those who are happy for Ben & the other is absolutely against him. Mr Chew of 4S2 is leading the anti-ben league.Maybe they will protest by blocking the streets to the school like a certain anti group did last Saturday. Ohhh..... I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

In drama news, the drama team is set to perform on the 21st of August. Yay!! There will be 2 days of practice and this time there will be music!!! On the downside, On the same day, Ben-Jie will be leaving for Australia an A(H1N1) capital. Better remind him to write a will before he leaves. Yen Yin might take over his place......


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