Wednesday, September 30, 2009

iPhone: The Missing Manual

Thank you David Pogue!!! If you don't know who I'm talking about then you must not have an iPhone. Lol. Once again, I'm typing this from an iPhone :P but this time it's all mine!!! Well.... Not really..... Dad says he'll give the older one to me once SPM is over. Aw...... But at least I get to play with it at home =w=

Look!! I've learnt to split paragraphs!!! Lol

Anyway back to my subject. David Pogue wrote a book about the tips and tricks using the iPhone. A computer is better but an iPhone is a good alternative, in my opinion. I still can't add effects here though..... But then I like typing here because it's faster when you only use two fingers to type. XP. It's a better alternative than my dinosaur PC that takes forever to load. A simple flash game the hangs it for 5 minutes....

Anyway, I'm writing this just to test out my new skills. Lol. And also for the sake of typing because it's just so damn fun!!! Whee!!!

School these days are really boring. The only point in going to school is to collect exam papers and hang out with the gang. Oh, and listen to the nenek crapping. What did she say on Monday??? IDK. I remember she was yelling only. The word "babi" came up somewhere...or was it just my imagination. Nvm.

Next week is PMR. Torture for the form 3s, the rest of us can relax. This year's PMR holiday is most unfair, especially those born in 1992 . As far back as i can remember, I've been coming to school during PMR. During Form 2 i came. The reason has long escaped me. Then in form 4 I came again, this time for exam. Damn. I've never had a decent PMR holiday. This year the whole school (except for the form 3s) is getting holidays....... To quote Beshan "It's not FAIR!!" Make the form 4s come during those two weeks, let them suffer like we did last year!! Wakakakakakaka!!!!

P. S. Good luck to those taking PMR. NOW GO BACK TO YOUR BOOKS!


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