Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mooncake Festival

I thought I'd blog about something that happened during my weekend. Nothing is happening in school.

Mid-Autumn Festival, Lantern Festival......... Whatever you may call it, it will always be known as the Mooncake Festival to me. For obvious reasons. =w=

Lanterns on a tree....

It has been years since I last played with lanterns. I almost forgotten the feeling you get when hot candle wax drops on your finger. Almost.

After lighting and relighting them all, me (I was the oldest playing XP) and some other kids got bored and started doing this...

There's something mesmerizing about watching something burn...... Especially if it's not yours.

OH! Another thing we played was "Pop Pop". Whee. FOr those who don't know, pop pop is....well..... even I don't know what it is. Lol. You just throw is to the ground and it pops!! I like pressing it between my fingers....next to someone's ear.......It has gotton expensive though.... A few years ago, one box cost 20 cents. Now, it's 50..... I've got one box left. Any takers...*Evil laugh*

Later, I did my favourite tradition of Mooncake festival. MAKAN!!!!

This is one tradition that I follow faithfully every year.

Overall, one of my most enjoyable weekends this year...... I got to eat mooncake, play lantern, eat mooncake, play with fire, eat mooncake, burn lantern and EAT MOONCAKE!! Lol

One final picture.....


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