Monday, August 30, 2010

A song I wrote: On My Own

Yo, Ramblings readers!

I decided to dabble in song writing :) I wrote all this last month but kept pushing it back due to time constraints and other topics.

I've got both the lyrics and music worked out but being a total music n00b, I cannot pen down the sheet music .

Ah, well. Enjoy!!

(A/N Each section contains 2 paragraphs, ex, 2 paragraphs of chorus, 2 paragraphs of bridge, etc)

Was it me?
Did I push you away?
What did I do to make you think,
That it’s ok to desert me?

Could it be?
That you don’t want me anymore,
And you just walked right out the door,
And left me crying behind you.

You said you will always be there with me,
You said that you would go through hell for me,
Well, you lied.

I don’t know you anymore,
Now I don’t want anything to do with you,
I’d rather go through life alone…
Than with you.

Where were you, when I called for you?
Where were you, when I cried for you?
I can’t believe how you can be,
So selfish toward me.

You left me behind in the cold,
To fend for myself.
To be a forgotten child,
To never be able to look you in the eye.

(Repeat chorus)

When I’ve lost all my battles,
When I am down with my weakness.
I will be on my own,
You will never be there for me.

When I’m feeling inconsolable,
When I need an arm around me.
I will be on my own,
You won’t be there for me.

I’m on my own,
On my own,
On my own.
You won’t be there for me.

(Repeat chorus)

On my own,
I’m on my own,
You won’t be there for me,
On my own.

(c) Nicole Wong, Ramblings

Whatcha think? :) It's a little emo I know but I got this inspiration when reading Street Boys by Lorenzo Carcattera. I wondered how would those children felt being abandoned by their parents in a time of such great need. But then I couldn't stop myself from inserting a little of my rebelious streak :P

However, this is my own interpretation. The book isn't like that (If it were, I wouldn't read it XP). The boys fight back and kill several grown ups.

Yeah, I'm sadistic

Look out for my next song, I'm in the middle of writing it. The title: A Dirty Mind Is A Bad Thing To Waste :X


HenkaMukyuuAries said...

You should tell me about this song more... >D
Especially letting me know of the melody, so that I might work out something for you <3

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