Monday, August 23, 2010

5S2009 Reunion

Last Saturday, 14 former classmates gathered in Shabu One at Lot 10 to celebrate their class reunion.

Wow, I sound so formal up there XD Need a better intro..... Oh! How about...

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, 14 people in their late teens went on a journey across the galaxy in search of...... Shabu One Restaurant.........

Eh, no. Too Star Wars-y

Hmmm..... How about:

Last Saturday, a bunch of us Ex-Connaughtions gathered in Shabu One for a reunion. We had joy, we had fun, we had lotsa, lotsa food!!


As you can see from my 3 introductions, I'm pretty bored right now. I'm still fantasizing about prawns, honey chicken wings, durian ice cream and semi-cooked beef. MMMmmmmm

(A/N OK I've not only been bored, T've been busy and procrastinating too ^^. I'm only human!)

In Shabu One, steamboat was the main dish. However, they had some food already prepared for those (me!) who are too lazy to wait for the steamboat to cook.....

Honey Barbecued Chicken Wing..... Delicious.....

Crab . First thing to cook, last thing to eat.
Shabu One Signature Sauce.

King sauce, sesame oil, parsley, spring onion and quail egg

Because we had so many people, we had to split between 2 tables

One table

Other table.
Notice tha sausage in Seng Heng's chopstick. Me and Keng Lim had fun with it hehhehehee. You guys know how some food will expand when boiled in water. Well, I said that was Seng's long lost "weiner" expanded 10x ^^

Sam drinking red bean soup with a ladle. He finished with 2 ladle fulls ><

The aftermath. Alice looks so stuffed!

Group picture!


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