Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sorcerer's Apprentice


That's what I have to say about Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Nicolas Cage was awesome!!! He's so hott!!

I feel like a crazed twitard, except I am intelligent and appreciate good acting XP

Doesn't he look gorgeous in that fedora and leather overcoat


Special effect were totally awesome. Thanks to the great Jerry Bruckheimer

Love the special effects, up there, Balthazar producing a cute little fireball

Plasma ball

Another plasma ball

See that intense look of concentration on his face, NOW THAT'S GREAT ACTING :)

Another notable character was Jay Baruchel. The dude is in a couple of other movies that I remember: Trophic Thunder, She's Out of My League and How To Train Your Dragon.

A thing you must know about Baruchel is that he keeps his nasally voice no matter what movie he is in (kinda like Sean Connery but more annoying and less sexy).

The weird part is that everytime Balthazar said his name, I always expected him to call him Hiccup :P

The Mopping scene was epic!

As for the story, well, it wasn't Cage's best one ever. Storyline was a little shallow. The plot is complex but easy to understand unless you have the IQ of a twitard.

Who am I forgetting......... Oh yeah


Alfred Molina is the dastardly Horvath! He's the perfect villian as he is evil to everyone! Even the other less notably villians are no match to him! MUahahahahah!!

Best of all, he's a villian with a wicked sense of humour :)

Sure there were other actors. But none of them stand out.

So what are you waiting for. Watch Sorcerer's Apprentice NOW!
I last pic before I end.



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