Thursday, August 12, 2010

You gotta love Rick Riordan

There is a new book coming soon :)

The new Camp Half Blood series is continueing with The Lost Hero!!!


After saving Olympus from the evil Titan lord, Kronos, Percy and friends have rebuilt their beloved Camp Half-Blood, where the next generation of demigods must now prepare for a chilling prophecy of their own:

Seven half-bloods shall answer the call,

To storm or fire the world must fall.

An oath to keep with a final breath,

And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death.

The top is the cover of the UK edition, the bottom is the US one :) Which do you guys think is better? :P I like the US edition cause the dragon looks cooler.

The Lost Hero comes out on October 12th!!!

Also, the final 39 Clues book is coming out at the end of this month :) Scholastic has already begun the countdown. I would put the book cover here but I can;t seen to find it :( Oh well......

PS: Kane Chronicles has come out for some time now, yet I haven't bought it. Its all Popular and Times fault. They have the Puffin edition of the book and the cover looks so freakin HORRIBLE!!! I want the Scholastic one!!!

PSS: I started reading Twilight.

No I have not gone mad.

If you see the side bar, you can see that I added a new link "Anti-Twilight".

It's this blogger torturing himself to blog the books to us smart people who cannot stomach Shmeyer. He also blogs about what he thinks about the book in hes own twisted way. And he hates Bella!!!!

Here's a small bit of Dan Bergstein's blog:

"If Edward had changed into a vampire when he was 60, would he still be lusting after 18-year-old Bella? And are you OK with that? Really? What if he was a vampire at the age of six? So watching an 18-year-old make out with a six-year-old is totally cool because they are true loves?"



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