Thursday, October 21, 2010

Before Finals

I love the Pre-finals lul

Today, my college seems so empty. 8 people out of 21 came to class today. I had a chat with Chern Wei yesterday and it seems like the same thing is happening in school too. Students are too perdictable.....

Early study leave perhaps? Or something more sinister like going on a HOLIDAY!!! Gasp!!!

Personally, I never got the concept of study leave. Why in the world would anyone want to be stuck at home all day with only books for company....

You got that right!

And all those study technique talks!!!

I've already been forced to 101 of those, none of them said anything useful, just repetitions of each other. You know what, organiser of study techniqures, you want them to be useful and help us? Give us the final papers or better yet, the answer to the final papers! That would be extremely useful and make me a better student!! XD

"80% of the final exam will be based on the one lecture you missed and the one book you didn’t read."

A quote I found online. I find that it is a really useful way to desribe finals

It is the examination board's version of: "Fuck You!!"
 The thing about exams for me is that I just don't seem to fear them...



...... until it is too late


Yeah, that's my story. In perfect detail.

On a good note, today is the second last the of college! Whoop!!!

{Song in My Head}
~ Days of Summer from A Very Potter Sequel ~

      "I don't wanna see you go,
           But it's not forever, not forever!
                Even it was,
                     You now that I would never let it get me down..."

As of writing, it is 28 days, 0 hours, 19 minutes and 28 seconds till Deathly Hallows!



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