Monday, October 11, 2010

100th Blog Post!

I'll be doing a third Glee post in a row! Wow, never blogged a series before ;P Should be interesting. But before I do that I have an announcement to make.


It's my 100th post y'all!!!

After 1 year and a half of blogging, I even have noticed changes in my writing skill. Though not for the better for some :P My jokes a less cornier now too! (though they still are....)

Back to my previous topic, I watched the Brittany/Britney episode on last week and loved it!!

I have a sudden urge to buy an albino python

Britney's cameo

I can hear the sounds of Ben-Jie getting a nosebleed :)
However the worse possible thing happened while watching this episode. I laughed.

Which, in my mum's opinion, is as bad as murdering someone. How am I related to someone who thinks a laugh is punishable by death? Stupid close-minded bitch! I don't deserve to be yelled at or get my hair fucking pulled when I laugh. WTF is wrong with that women!!!

/end rant


Ignoring that moron, I refuse to end my blog on an angry note.

Back to Glee, the songs in that episode were fantastic. Artie's version of Stronger really gave me a boost in my confidence and thoughts about my future, not the song's intended purpose but........

I have also watched episode 3. It was more spiritual that dramedy. (Kurt's dad got a heart attack) No memorable songs but it was an overall emotional episode. I nearly teared up at times....

Oh!! In other news, The Lost Hero is out today!!!


{Song In My Head}
~Closer by Nine Inch Nails~
      "Through every forest, above the trees,
            Within my stomach, scraped off my knees;
                  I drink the honey inside your hive,
                       You are the reason I stay alive ..."

As of writing, it is 38 days, 2 hours, 25 minutes and 33 seconds till Deathly Hallows



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