Monday, October 4, 2010

Glee New Characters!! Week-old news but Heh! IT'S MY BLOG

Whee!!! My 2nd Glee post in a row!

Malaysia is one of the worst places to watch the latest series from America. Just look at CSI, only after the whole season has played in the US then it premiers here!! Groan......

That being said, however, I managed to watch the first and second episode of Glee with the help of Mr. Net. You know, Inter Net :D


Overall, I say Glee hasn't gotten any better but then it hasn't gotten worse either. The first episode introduced us to several new characters.

First there was Sunshine Corazon played by 16-year-old Charice Pempengco

She's the one on the right

Sunny is a tranfer student from the Philippines and she's got an amazing voice! She had a sing off with Rachel in the bathroom with Gaga's Telephone. Feeling threatened, Rachel attempts to sabotage her audition, giving the excuse that she loves Glee club too much to have another person steal their thunder.

As if I need another rason to hate Rachel....

So, Rachel gives Sunny directions to a local crackhouse, telling her that the audition takes place there. THAT BITCH! I won't say what happens next but I will say that Sunny never trusted Rachel again and left for Vocal Adrenaline.

Best part was when Sue Sylvester interupted their sing off with one word. SHUT UP!! I love Sue.

Another Character is Sam Something....

Gotta lose the Bieber cut
I'm still not so sure about Chord's singing. Sure he sang Millionaire with Artie but I was mostly listening to Artie, not him. Meh. Anyway, Chord's character Sam was suppose to audition but because Finn got kicked off the football team, Sam was reluctant as he is the new kid and hears what the others talk about the "Glee Guys"

Best scene:
Noah: You mouth is huge! How many tennis balls can you fit in there?
Sam: Well, I've never had balls in my mouth before...... Have you?


Finally, Coach Shannon Beiste

It's a women!
 She and Sue are instant enemies because she persuades Principle Figgins to slash the Cheerios budget by 10%! OMG!!!! For thr first time in Glee, Sue teams up with Will and play several childish pranks on Beiste.

Can you feel the tension?
But of course, Will got too nice after several pranks. Meh, he will never be as evil as Sue Freakin' Sylvester!!

So that's all the new characters. Tomorow I think I'll blog about the Britney episode! I meant to put 2 episodes in 1 blog but then this is too damn long already!!


{ Song In My Head }
~ Missing You by Darren Criss and Brian Rosenthal ~

      "Now I'm all alone, now he's gone for good,
           Now I'm stuck right here, wishing I understood;
                 You gave me hope when my spells weren't right,
                       You gave me someone to hold every night...."

As of writing, it is 44 days, 16 hours, 10 minutes and 6 seconds till deathly Hallows



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