Sunday, January 30, 2011

Moviegasm, Foodgasm, Bookgasm


Pictured above is Ben-Jie, if he was a chick XD

This was a good week for me. On Thursday, Chern and I went to watch movie. Wondering outside the theaters we came across this poster

 One minute we were looking at it speechless, then the next we BOTH pointed at the chick and said: "Ben-Jie!!" It's true ain't it?

The movie we watched was obviously Nicolas Cage's Season of the Witch. Everyone who reads this blog know that I am a hardcore Nicolas Cage fangirl. So I probably spent half the time looking at him rather than pay attention to the movie :)

How can a dude pushing 47 look so good!
In a nutshell, Nicolas Cage plays Behman, a 14th Century Crusader who is tired of murdering innocent people for the church. Him and his best friend Felson, who is played by Ron Pearlman (aka Hellboy himself!) become nomads travelling the countryside until the come across a village infested with the Black Plague. After finding out about their past, the Head Priest there make them take a witch who is said to be responsible for the plague to a remote monastery where the monks there will decide her fate. Along for the ride are a monk Debelzaq (Stephen Moore), a local knight Eckhart (Ulrich Thomsen), a swindler cum guide Hagamar (Stephen Graham) and an altar boy named Kay (Robert Sheehan). But the witch is not as she seems, she turns their weaknesses into her weapons and may not be what she claims to be...

Hellboy after hours
If Nicolas Cage weren't in this I may still watch this. The storyline was engaging and there were never dull moments. However, the acting was flawed in many ways. I know I am to believe thet Behman and Hellboy were supposed to be best friends but both lacked chemistry other than a few friendly comments.

Whoa there Missy!!
But then Nic Cage IS in it so at least I was entertained. C'mon! When a guy nearly 50 still looks good when wearing what looks like a burlap sack you gotta give him some credit!

The only reason I tolerate this guy is cause his curly hair reminds me of Darren Criss...... A less cute version...

I shall smolder now.

The movie has a total of 2 LOL moments. Both were probably unintentional, for me anyway. One was when Hellboy headbutts a demon minion not once but twice! Another is when demons were crawling on the damn celling like freaking lizards. THE CEILLING!! REALLY!!?? I totally LMAO'd there!! It looks like something a cheesy horror film would put in!

I knew he had a huge sword!
Overall, a good movie to watch only if you like Nicolas Cage and a supernatural film without much supernaturally things happening.

On Saturday, Esther, Iven, Cat, Jer, Grace and I met in Time square's Papa John's for a *sob* farewell lunch *sob* for me *end sob*. Foodgasms were everywhere as we ate cheese pizzas with traces some carbohydraty thingy at the bottom. I WANT THE PICTURES JEREMY!!! After Papa's was Gelato where more foodgasms happened!!!!

Later, I did a little shopping with Grace before going to one of my most favouritest place in the world.


I am such a nerd

I saw some interesting books there too

Children's books
Wow. Just wow. I remember reading Peter and Jane when I was young. This makes the corny classic even BETTER!

HP POP UP!!!!!! I WANT!!!!!!

I bought this book. Disney Hyperion. Hard Cover. EPIC!!!! I looked for this book for ages!!!!

Lightning Thief Graphic Novel!!!!! LOVE!!!!! It cost about 50 bucks so like any Malaysian, I spent an hour reading this in the bookstore and then retured it to the shelf. :) But I loved it!! The storyline was changed slightly for the graphic novel but at least it wasn't as mangled as the movie.


And to make my day even better, Rick Riordan posted the latest cover for the new Kane Chronicles!!

I'm so happy :')

{Song in My Head}
~Raise Your Glass by Pink~
      "So raise your glass if you are wrong,
           In all the right ways;
                 All my underdogs, we will never be never be,
                      Anything but loud..."


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