Monday, January 3, 2011

Is Hank Green Awesome?

The answer to that is a resounding HELL YEAH!!!

It's Sunday people!!! I love Sunday mornings, enjoy Sunday afternoons and HATE Sunday nights....

Or I would hate it if there was school the next day XD Tomorrow, all the tiny students will flock back to the education black hole known as school, some unwillingly, some going only to see friends.

I do not understand the Malaysian school system, everytime they purportedly "change" the system, it either stays absolutely the same or in most cases: suck even more. Come on Malaysian Government!!! Do you want students who are all rounders or the usual fact vomiters? Did you know that neither of our ex-PM and ex-Education Minister's kids have undergone the bloody system? No! Both their kids went to Garden International which bases the curriculum according to the National Curriculum of England? Both have never sat for SPM or STPM! This should be an indication of how bad Malaysian Education is as the people (used to be) responsible for making the syllabus do not want their children to undergo it.

Anyway, this year is STPM exam year for Form 6-ers. I bet most of them envy me cause my finals are complete and I'll be off to uni while they slave away for another year. HAH!!! This year also happens to be PMR and SPM year for both my brothers so it will be fun watching them suffer too hehe.......

{Song in My Head}
~Be Prepared by Tim Rice and Elton John~
      "It's clear from your vacant expressions
           The lights are not all on upstairs
                But we're talking kings and successions
                      Even you can't be caught unawares....."


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