Thursday, February 3, 2011

Live to Eat

 Whoever said the phrase "Eat to Live" needs to be killed. Brutally.

I recently went to Latest Recipe, a buffet restaurant in Le Meridian KL.... BUFFET!!!!!!

My first Yee Sang of the year
BUFFET!!!!!! OMG! They have absolutely everything there. Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Indian, etc but the best part......

... Is the DESSERT!!!! Pictured above are toppings for Teppanyaki ice-cream... 40 of them!!!

And the marshmallows..... you can eat it as is or....

Dipped in chocolate!!! When you enter the restaurant the first thing you see is the glorious chocolate fountain! Drool.......

Seafood is fantastic too!!

This is the second time I have eaten there but the food there doesn't get boring. Both times there will be something new. If you haven't been there, I urge you to go!!

{Song in My Head}
~Eva by Nightwish~
      "Mocked by man to depths of shame,
           Little girl with life ahead;
                For a memory of one kind word,
                     She would stay among the beasts...."


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