Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy 1/1/11!!!

It's MMXI y'all and what a year it's gonna be.

Happy Dappy New Year!!!!

My New Year's Resolution: to complete last year's Resolution!

But this year I won't be doing it in Malaysia!

Because of my awesome score in my SAM finals, every university I have applied for has offered me a place. Yay!!!

I'll probably be bragging about this for the next few months so I'm warning all of you now. He he.......

It's still in the works but most likely I'll be off to Melbourne U, the top uni in Oz.

I had no idea that there was a "u" in Melbourne.....

I will miss everyone dearly when I leave but the term starts on the 28th of February. That means I have 2 months left here to enjoy the company of my wonderful friends before I jet off the the land of  super tall ang mohs.

Let's make these 2 months count y'all!!!

{Song in My Head}
~Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson~

     "I'll spread my wings,
            And I'll learn how to fly;
                 Though it's not easy to tell you goodbye,
                       I gotta take a risk, a chance, a change...... "

(Psst.... notice I never did write 2011 at all on top. Pretty smart right?) :P


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