Sunday, July 26, 2009

Late At Night 2

Another sleepless night. Ho hum. This time there's nothing to watch on the tele. Oh well. so I'm writing this in hopes I get sleepy.

I feel that someone has placed a curse on Connaught. Particularly the drama team. This whole week we've been plagued by things that drive us away from practice. For example, Grace falling ill, the class photo deadline and, of course, that prefect camp that took away Saturday practice. Pn Lim was free this Saturday unlike the previous few Saturdays. Coincidence. I think not.

Our drama team is also set to be the first one to perform in the finals. To make matters worse, the teams right after us are VI, last years winners, and St John. Damn. Pn Lim was quite optimistic, "We'll go in number 1 and go out 1 too!" or something like that. I can't remember exactly.

Stress. My hope is that it'll fade on Monday. Either by chance or God's grace we're doing Stress Management in Missionettes. Maybe I'll make another bracelet. Maryann and Teacher Cindy says it's stress relief. I think the lesson tomorrow(or is it today?) will either make or break me.

On a lighter note, I just watched the Percy Jackson and the Olympians trailer. Logan Lerman is cute. And he's 17!!! Usually when some actors (read: Daniel Radcliff) reach 17 or older they're looks go down the toilet. Pierce Brosnan is also set to play Chiron, a centaur. Wonder how he'll look like with a body of a horse. Mmmmm....... Who else. Sean Bean as Zeus should be interesting to watch. Oh and the most shocking is this girl Alexandra Daddario as Annabeth which is shocking because in the book, Annabeth is 12 not 23!!! The casting director mixed up the numbers. Chris Columbus is directing this so hopefully it'll be as good as Socerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets combined. Melina Kanakeredes is playing the lady Athena and Uma Thurman as Medusa. Ohhhhh. Interesting......

The only movie still I can find. Brandon T. Jackson as Grover the satyr, Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson and Alex-I'm-too-lazy-to-spell-her-name as Annabeth Chase. Damn. Annabeth should have been blonde.

But all this aside, I can't wait for the movie next year!!!!!

Hmm, I'm not sleepy yet. Nevermind. Maybe I'll watch some Psych.


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